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A quotable Friday

A few quotes I’ve found that have been quite interesting and thought I’d share.

“If you have cancer, you get flowers, visitors and compassion. If you have a mental illness, you get plastic utensils, isolation and fear. If you survive cancer, most people consider you a hero and inspiration, and they tell you so. If you survive a mental illness, most people consider you a feeble-minded degenerate and an embarrassment, and they wouldn’t dare tell you so.” -Haldol and Hyacinths, by Melody Moezzi – page 216

“I love bookshelves, and stacks of books, spines, typography, and the feel of pages between my fingertips. I love bookmarks, and old bindings, and stars in margins next to beautiful passages. I love exuberant underlinings that recall to me a swoon of language-love from a long-ago reading, something I hoped to remember. I love book plates, and inscriptions in gifts from loved ones, I love author signatures, and I love books sitting around reminding me of them, being present in my life, being. I love books.” -Laini Taylor (author of Daughter of Smoke & Bone and Days of Blood & Starlight)

“First…. Many Indigenous Nations have calendars which have been counting the years for a very long time. I am aware that the calendar of the Mohawk Indian Nation has been counting the winters for over 33,120 years. This pre-dates the so-called ‘land-bridge’ of the Bering Strait theory, unless, of course, the Bering Strait scientists decide to move their interestingly illusive time period for “early migration” of Indians back to 40,000 years! Many American Indian early histories tell of events that took place on this Turtle continent (North America) long before any so-called ice age. But, for political reasons, these histories have been mostly ignored. You see, the Bering Strait, in truth, is a theory that was born of the politics and propaganda of early America. In the midst of the American ‘Manifest Destiny’ social climate, the Bering Strait theory provided a ‘scientific’ means to justify the taking of ancestral Indian lands. In short, the mythical theory eased the conscience, as it was a way for land hungry immigrants to believe that, because Indian people were only ‘recent inhabitants’ of this land , it was not really their ‘homeland’. Therefore Indians were, in their minds, not any more the ‘original people’ of this land than they were. This was, and still is, the political power of the infamous ‘Bering Strait theory’.” -The B.S. (Bering Strait) Myth, By John Two-Hawks

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Can Canada overcome its ‘Katrina moment’?

Can Canada overcome its ‘Katrina moment’? – Inside Story Americas – Al Jazeera English.

Very interesting report from Al Jazeera about the Crow First Nations gathering, where they begged the question if it would actually do any for Aboriginal people or if it was just a great photo op for the Harper Government.

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First light over the Legislative Building, Reg...

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On July 27th, the Walk Against Nuclear Waste set out from Pinehouse, SK, to bring attention to the underhanded attempts by the Nuclear Waste Management Organization to coerce First Nations communities in northern Saskatchewan into agreeing to storing nuclear waste on their territories.

Organized by the Committee for Future Generations, the walkers are currently on track to cover a total of 820 km over the course of three weeks. They will arrive in Regina on August 15th to deliver petitions to the Saskatchewan Legislature demanding a province-wide ban on nuclear waste storage and transportation.

Please join Mother Earth Justice Advocates and other supporters at Victoria Park on the evening of Monday, August 15 to greet the walkerswith a warm welcome and to show your support for a ban on nuclear waste storage in Saskatchewan. You are invited to join the walkers on the final leg of their journey - down the Green Mile to the Legislative Building on Tuesday, August 16, beginning at 11th Ave. and Albert St. at 11am.

For more information, please email:


Please consider supporting the Walk Against Nuclear Waste by donating toward the expenses of food and lodging. Cheques can be made payable to “The Solidarity Committee for the Peruvian Amazon”.

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