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The medium is more than the message

The other day I got to thinking about the things we have seen over the past 20 years. This was in regard to media, how it’s presented, what it is and how we as the public receive it. When I was younger, I always remember there was the big three; newspapers, radio and television. Today, that has changed a great deal. Most people receive daily news information from the Internet. I even use the ‘Net as a source for getting news, sports and weather information. There are others that I know of that use it to receive financial assistance, job searches, and even entertainment.

The Internet has grown in such a short time as the past five years. Web sites themselves have changed a great deal. Blogging is the current wave for media. Add to that sites like YouTube, and everyone and anyone can post video rants and reviews and entertainment to the ‘Net with lightning speed.

So that got me wondering, where is that leaving the big three in media? Newspapers, radio and television all have to evolve and change as this new technology takes a stronger and stronger foothold in a person’s daily life. For some, the newspaper will always be there. It’s comfortable, familiar and something to look forward to. But still, the big three have to keep in step with the changes.

Already that is being seen on several fronts.

News sites like CTV, CBC, TSN and more are combining the Internet with their regular broadcasting on television. Radio stations all over the province now broadcast online as well as on the AM and FM bands. Not only can you listen to your favourite station in your car, but you can listen to it at work as the sounds come from your computer speakers.

And newspapers are no different.

Many newspapers have a basic website. A good number display the news featured on the site. And some newspaper websites have blogs for their reporters and editors. Blogs are easy to use online diaries for people to post news, reviews, likes, dislikes and more. Anyone can use a blog quite easily.

The comment is often made that in so many years newspapers will be all but dead. I don’t believe this. I’ll go back to what I mentioned about newspapers being familiar, comfortable and in a way tangible. People do like to read the paper with the morning breakfast or lunch. What has to happen is to combine, or marry the aspect of the newspaper and the Internet.

So far, a good number of media outlets are doing that, and so are we at The Outlook. The next time you open your favourite web browser, take a look at us online, We’re making a fresh start and utilizing this technology that is available to us.

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So, if you’re like me and you have some minor redecorating to a room of your house (or in my case, apartment) it can often turn into a major chore. Especially in my case. The chore came in with the placement of my computer system. Now, I only have one outlet in the entire apartment for internet connection. Moving my desk would mean having to reconsider where the cabling would go. And I was loath to string it along the floor.

It was also around this time that my last DVD Player decided to give up the ghost, so to speak. Serves me right for buying el-cheapo DVD Players (my Apex lasted me a total of four years, I should have bought another one of those, as that one outlasted the two others that I had previously owned).

However, the lightbulb went off in my head, and I realized something. My computer has a DVD Rom drive. It also has a video card with an out to a television. So, the annoyance of cable along my floor lost out to convenience of not buying another DVD Player.

This also allowed for something else.

I now have a full entertainment style system set up. Pretty cool, actually. I can play music, movies and games from my computer and have them display on my television. And it worked out great, as can be seen by the pitcures. I also have a switch that allows me to keep my VCR, and I can play VHS tapes (yes, I still have some movies on VHS). Something else that was very nice was to have the additional screen for when I do actual work (yes, I do graphical work at home because I enjoy doing what I do) I can have the space on my desktop computer to do so, and all of the palettes in PhotoShop or InDesign or Illustrator can stay off to the side out of the way on my television screen. This makes for a much better, cleaner and easier environment to work in when I’m creating some of the things I create at home. Most of those are desktop wallpapers, but I also do some work on photographs that I take. Some, because I have my laptop for doing a lot of that work.

The big thing with all of this is, it may seem small (trust me, it wasn’t, moving the desk, my cough, end table, and chair, by myself was a chore) but the new look of the place was most satisfying.

I just hope that I don’t need to move anything again in the near future.

Until next time…

Keep ’em flyin’.

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lolcat cuteness

Because it’s cute!

Another lolcat moment from I Can Has Cheez Burger!


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