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Take back the torture “debate”

Amnesty International

Help give a torture survivor his life back.

During the height of the “war on terror” in 2002, the US government allowed Maher Arar — a Canadian citizen and father of two children who was held and later released without charge — to be tortured in Syria. And even now, the US government won’t even deign to apologize to Arar for its terrible actions.

Come on. The United States can do better than this.

Torture is wrong under any circumstances. Urge President Obama and Congress to stand for human rights and apologize for the terrible mistreatment that Maher Arar suffered in Syria under its watch.

Asking the US government to do what’s right for Maher Arar is just the beginning. The torture debate is back in the headlines. And this is one debate we can’t afford to lose.

Torture survivors — and future victims — are counting on Amnesty to ensure that recent attempts by torture apologists like Dick Cheney to reopen the torture debate are roundly defeated.

Torture’s “comeback” must end now. Let’s start with a simple apology.

Thousands of people — including author Stephen King and former US senior military interrogator in Iraq Matthew Alexander — have already signed the petition demanding an apology for Maher Arar. But we need more voices willing to speak out in support of a torture survivor.

Can we — and Maher Arar — count on your voice?


Zeke Johnson
Security with Human Rights Campaigner
Amnesty International USA

P.S. Help us reach our goal of 50,000 petition signatures by the end of Torture Awareness Month in June. After you sign the petition, will you share this action with your friends on Facebook and Twitter?

“I Still Have Nightmares”

© Bud Schultz

Don’t let Congress and Obama sweep torture under the rug. Demand an apology for Maher Arar.

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Tell Food Network Canada to stop airing programs that glamorize horse meat.

Sign the Petition

Part of the fun of watching Top Chef and other cooking shows is seeing the pros grapple with wacky ingredients we’d never find in our own kitchens. But when the ingredient in question is horse meat, that’s a problem.

Last month, an episode of Top Chef Canada (which airs on Food Network Canada) featured a challenge in which the contestants had to cook horse meat. During the airing of the episode, a Facebook group called “Boycott Top Chef: Protect the Horses” cropped up — now the group has more Facebook fans than Top Chef Canada.

Top Chef Canada execs have pledged to “carefully consider all the facts around this topic” before serving horse meat again. Here are some facts we think they ought to know:

  • Horses face horrific conditions during transport to the kill floor and during slaughter itself. Most horses are awake and feel terrible pain when they are killed for meat.
  • Many horses are sent to slaughter straight from the racetracks, and may have drugs in their systems that make them too toxic for human consumption.
  • Horse slaughter is illegal in the U.S., but that doesn’t stop would-be profiteers from shipping tens of thousands of horses illegally into Mexico and Canada to be slaughtered there.

Several states in the U.S. are even facing legislative fights from those who want to re-open horse slaughterhouses — and having television shows declare that horse meat is a “delicacy” doesn’t help advocates who are working tirelessly to keep horse slaughter illegal.

Please sign the petition today to tell Food Network Canada to pledge not to air any more programming that glamorizes the consumption of horse meat:

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