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Hey! Isn’t today supposed to be the Rapture?


Look at that, I get to use one of these again.

This completely went by without a thought.

I remember all the hoopla about May 21 earlier this year.  It was supposed to be the Rapture, the time when the chosen would be carried into heaven and the rest of us poor sods would dwell in some sort of nasty stuff.  Which, personally, puts a complete downer for me for the plans I have for this weekend and for November’s NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writers Month for the uninitiated).


Have we gotten tired of these end of the world prognostications?  I know I have.  These individuals who say that they will pour over the Bible and try to predict when the end times are upon us seem to forget one thing.  The Bible also states that the end will come like a thief in the night and that anyone who tries to predict it is a liar.



Think about that for a second, all those who go about predicting the complete destruction of the world.  The Bible, the holy tome which all Christians (re: the right wing group) holds more sacred than any other (yet, doesn’t really seem to follow all of the suggested tenants) just called them all a bunch of liars.  Maybe there hasn’t been as much hoopla about this date is because the prediction for earlier this year, made by Family Radio founder Harold Camping, got sort of drowned out by the fact it never happened at all.  There was the usual back pedaling, which included stating that the Rapture did indeed happen, but it was spiritual and invisible, and that the actual physical Rapture would take place on October 21.  Five months later.

You know, when I make a prediction, and to be honest I never do, I can back pedal with bullshit pretty good too.  When push comes to shove, I can regurgitate so much bullshit, I can make people believe that you can make a rocket ship using a spoon,a paper clip, a rubber band and a tube of toothpaste (watch, now someone’s gonna try it).

To the end times predictors: stop, just stop!  Admit you’re wrong, stop trying to predict it, and stop heralding the end times in an effort to bilk people of their money and manipulate them.  Because that’s what you’re actually doing.  You’re a big fraud just manipulating people, and in the long run you make every other Christian look bad.  So please, just stop it already.

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