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24 Feb

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A while back (almost two years now) I mentioned that a video game was in development and I was looking quite forward to it.  Seems a lot has happened since then.  I haven’t mentioned it here but I have been reading up on it, and I have still come to the same conclusion; I’m still very excited for this game to come out.

That game is called Guild Wars 2.  Incredibly perceptive if you clicked the link and read the previous article.

But yes, I have been waiting with baited breath and just yesterday received a link to apply for Beta testing (it’s not a Beta invite, sadly).  However, it’s one step closer to actually getting in the game and seeing what it’s all about.  There has been a lot that has been reported about it, such as combat changes, the new concept of “what you do effects the world” as opposed to the current MMO standard of “go out and kill ten ogres picking daisys”.  Those “kill x number of things” are tedious, grindy, dull and repetitive.  Plus, all you’re doing is pissing off a bunch of ogres who have green thumbs.  I mean, come on!  They were making Valentine’s bouquets.

There’s some other nice things, such as GW2 will recognize any achievements you made in GW1.  Which means I must now crack open my Guild Wars characters and get some phat lewt!

…as the leet kids say.

Anyway, I’ll leave you with some interesting videos that introduce the Charr as playable characters.  Two are in English, the last in German, but they focus on the Blood Legion, Ash Legion and Iron Legion.  The three legions that make up the core of the Charr military.

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