Realistic uniforms in comics

26 Feb


From Turn the Page, my tumblr blog, originally posted by  fernacular of tumblr who made the images:

Welcome to: If Male Superhero Costumes were Designed Like Female Superhero Costumes!

Aaaaa I dunno. I got tired of guys having no idea why girls find female superhero’s costumes kinda sexist, so I, um, made this?

My main goals were: 1) Make it so the first thing you think of when you look at them is sex, whether you want to or not. 2) make it so that any male human who looks at this feels really uncomfortable. 3) make it funny, because, well, it’s kinda hilarious really.

Not trying to start a war here, just wanted to poke a bit of fun.

So, here you go menfolk, welcome to being a girl who likes comics.

And my own response:

Women in comics are meant to be objectified.  At least, that’s the unspoken attitude.  It’s a double standard treated on heroes of different gender.  Male heroes are covered head to toe, while female heroes have to have as much skin showing as possible without it being called porn.  From g-string bottoms to tops that barely cover their breasts.  And yes, there are those characters that are fully clothed like Batgirl, Catwoman and Black Widow.  But in the case of the latter two, they are often shown in a come hither pose with their front zipper down as low as it will go giving a glimpse that leaves not a lot to the imagination.

It goes further than that, to how men and women are treated in their heroic duties.  Men are still the strong, confident individuals, usually tortured by some dark past.  Either parents who were killed or witnesses to some great tragedy.  And when it comes time for the hero to die, they do so on camera, fighting to the last against some unstoppable foe.  Or they sacrifice themselves in order to save the greater whole.  Women, on the other hand, are often killed off camera, and they are not shown in a fight to the last.  Most often, their deaths come in the most ironic of places; the kitchen.  As though that were some secret message from the writers and publishers.  Stuffed in refrigerators, sprawled across the kitchen floor or even at times damaged beyond belief in their own bedroom.

There is a strong stereotype in comics, and for a while it was disappearing, but it’s come back with a vengeance.  I just hope the writers who are against that type of portrayal will drown out the old school stereotypes.

Here’s to Gail Simone, Greg Rucka, Neil Gaiman and others more than I can list and remember here, who do a far better service to female characters.

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