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Top 20 craziest facts about leap years

Top 20 craziest facts about leap years – Telegraph.

The 20 craziest Leap Year facts, as the title suggests, includes things about the proposal trap, celebrations, birthdays (naturally) and strangely enough, frogs.

I guess that has to do with leaping.

One of the best facts:

Astrologers believe people born on February 29 have unusual talents, such as the ability to burp the alphabet or paint like Picasso.

I really wish I could burp the alphabet.

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Reasons you know you need a haircut

You have a pen…

You do pen stuff with your pen.  Obviously writing and taking notes and such.

But then, you need to free your hands.  So, you put the pen behind your ear, like one would often do with a pen…

After a while, you forget you put the pen there.  And then gravity, along with my hair, does what comes natural.

Where’d it go?  The pen is gone!

Eventually, I have to stop work because I need the pen, but I can’t find the pen.  Then I realize the pen is SOMEWHERE in all that hair on my head.

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