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An accomplished weekend?

I guess you could say that I’m not a really exciting person.  I don’t go rock climbing (because I’m afraid of heights), I don’t often go swimming, I hate crowds, couldn’t be bothered with going to a vacation spot (because of the aforementioned crowds), I’d rather spend a quite time with a close friend (or by myself, because books can be friends), and I don’t get excited about rock concerts or sporting events (like I used to when I was younger, also, see aforementioned crowds).

So, when I say that I did something this weekend that kind of excited me, You might think I am odd.

Clown trousers

Clown trousers (Photo credit: Eleventh Earl of Mar) | Those are not my pants. If my pants ever went that low, I would use a belt.

Out of all the things I did this past weekend (which really wasn’t much, but then again it’s the weekend and I begrudge no one who does nothing at all except lots of me time during a day or two off), the best things I did were to go shopping for new pants.

I bought four pairs.

And a belt.

Which I didn’t really need, because the pants I ended up buying fit quite nicely.  I’m not big, I will admit.  Which has at times been something of contention with me.  I’m really skinny.  And rather tall.  So trying to find pants is difficult at best.  At one time, my size was a 30 waist and 34 inch leg.  Now that’s changed to a 32 waist and 34 inch leg (I’m not getting bigger, I’m just getting wider, which considering the first time I went for measurements my waist clocked in at 28).  I’ve always found it hard to get the right fitting jeans for myself, so whenever I see a pair of pants with my measurements, I scoop them up (if I happen to have money within budget)

It’s rather boring, to be honest, to talk about buying pants.  And quite an interesting take when I step outside myself and look at the things I get excited over.  Two years ago, I got excited over a new vacuum cleaner.  Last year, a new microwave.  Six years ago, it was my couch and chair.

The statue of Flintabbatey Flonatin at Flin Fl...

Everything to do with Flin Flon, nothing to do with stop signs or pants. | Image via Wikipedia

Twenty years ago, it would have been a new car.  Or a kickin’ stereo system.  Or the stop sign that I stole from the four way stop at the top of the hill in Flin Flon, Manitoba (because, it’s daring, and made a good wall hanging, and in a pinch, also makes for a good coffee table, granted, I now own a coffee table which I bought with the couch and chair).

I guess the little things really do excite me.  Even buying new books (though, the day I finish off one of my rooms in my apartment as a library, I am gonna blog for weeks about that).  That’s why four pairs of pants at $19.99 each really did excite me.  New clothes and I’m not spending a fortune on them.  Some might consider that boring, but not me.  Nope!  I got new clothes, I am happy.

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