Red Fox: A name change

17 Mar

I’ve been writing more on the adventures of the three Vulpine pilots, and have come to change something in the story.

Nothing big, just the name of one ship.  The Jackai salvage operation ship named the Sifter.  Originally it was named that because it would “sift” through the wreckage of old abandoned vessels.  The new name will be the Dorgotha, named for a Jayna tribe community, one that became a turning point in the Great Lupine Land War.

Dorgotha’s Gorge was just south of the Lupine territories on Lupinia.  The Jackai there would often trade with their northern Lupine neighbours.  It would also become a stronghold during the war, defended by Jackai soldiers.  Among them was Red Tail, who would become the first captain of the salvage ship.  A Pantheran doctor and his two nurses, known as “the twins” in Swift Fox, would also be a part of this battle ground.  So too would a quartet of  Royal Vulpine Air Corps pilots.  Two Vulpine, two Felanus, all from the 76th Squadron.  Most of the members of this rag tag battle group would end up becoming crew members of the Dorgotha.

Oh, and there will be another part coming today, I promise.  I’m working on it right now and should have it posted shortly.  So, for now, here’s a picture of a fox napping!

English: A Swift Fox napping in a zoo

Image via Wikipedia

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