Ah, Monday morning

19 Mar

The sun is risen, though it’s still a cloudy and grey morning.  There’s spring in the air, that’s for certain.  It rained a little over the weekend, which gave the air that old, familiar smell.

I sit eating breakfast, pleased with the fact my left shoulder isn’t at that dull, throbbing pain that it was earlier.  The truly sad reality about it, is that I can’t even claim to some sporting injury or wild ruckus that went into my shoulder’s dull, pain filled throb. The only reason it does so, is because I’m old.  Or at least getting older.  The tendons are inflamed, that’s all.  So, I picked up some medication, and hope for the best.  At least I don’t need surgery.


I know that today is going to be busy.  A paper to produce.  One section that has to go up by the end of today.  The regular section to go up tomorrow.  And on top of that, funeral cards that have to be printed off.  And more designed.  I’m looking forward to the end of the day, when I can come home and not worry about what all that has to be done today.  Just evening writing and possibly television or a cup of coffee on the balcony as I enjoy the evening.

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