Time check, April Fool’s Day

01 Apr


It’s presently 9:26 as I begin writing this.

It’s a Sunday.  April 1st.  Better known as April Fool’s Day.

Historically, April Fool’s day technically ends at 12 noon.  Traditionally any jokes played after 12 noon means that the fool is the prankster.  Though, part of me believes that came about through school policy so that teachers could have a modicum of order salvaged from the chaos of the morning pranks.

There have been a good number of pranks that have been played in the years past that have been quite successful.  I see that the BBC today said the world blew up, everybody is dead.  Doesn’t feel much different to be honest.

Years ago, one of the best pranks was played by CJVR in Melfort, Saskatchewan.  I worked there as a news reporter for about a year.  The prank, which involved the mayor and council of the town of Tisdale, involved the town announcing that Tisdale had the highest population of smokers in Canada, and therefore would be implementing a smoking tax.  Oh, the outrage.

Another good one was played on me.  I was news director of CJYM in Rosetown, Saskatchewan at the time.  Everyone knew I was a big Ottawa Senators fan.  Wayne Gretzky was still playing at the time.  We have these computers (or had, I’m not sure if they haven’t been updated yet) that connected to Broadcast News, which fed news and information from different news networks around the world to radio and television stations.  The funny thing is that you could make a new file and edit it right on the screen.  If you carefully look at date stamps, you can make it look like a live feed.  One of my co-workers made the file that announced Gretzky would be traded to the Senators.  I was flabbergast.  And then quite embarrassed when everyone started laughing and I realized what the date was.

April Fool’s day has always been in good fun, but there have been times when it’s gone horribly wrong.  Often, when Broadcast News gets in on the act, they slug a story that comes over the wire with ****APRIL FOOL’S JOKE USE AT YOUR DISCRETION****  This one time, such a joke was not slugged with that, and a radio station in Hamilton, Ontario had a lot of egg on it’s face.  The story came across the wire, I believe I was working in Melfort at the time at CJVR, that Mr. Dressup, the star of CBC morning children’s television (any Canadian should recognize the name) went nuts, pulled a gun, shot Casey and Finnegan and then turned it on himself.  Fortunately, we didn’t believe it, and never ran the story.  An hour later an apology came across the wire.  CBC was livid.  I guess quite a few television and radio station networks ran with the story.

It’s now 9:37 in the morning.  I am planning on spending the rest of the morning locked away and hidden from any pranksters.  Fortunately, there is no clause that says when April Fool’s Day lands on a Sunday that it has to be celebrated on a Monday.

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