Changes in second draft

04 Apr

The final parts of Rocket Fox are almost here (really!  I promise).  And while the ending of Flight of the Nighthawk will come about with a cliffhanger, and there will be a second series (third in reality) to write (which will tie Rocket Fox: Flight of the Nighthawk and Swift Fox: Pirates of the Jackai together) I’ve been thinking about the back drop of the Rocket Fox world (or rather, universe, because of space travel).

Would one star system actually be feasible?  Or would each species (or in the case of Vulpine and Felanus, one system for two species) have their own star system that they would call home?

What if, somewhere in the Milky Way Galaxy, there resided different star systems that hold life.  The Vulpinia Star System, the Lupine Star System, the Pantheran Star System and the Critanian Star System.  Each of these systems residing one hundred to a thousand light years away from each other.  That means the species of the different star systems would have to have developed some sort of faster than light travel.  Or warp speed (though I may call it something else).

This also means how the planets are viewed may change as well.  Vulpinia Prime would be the name of the planet that is home to the Vulpine and Felanus.  There may even be one of the planets in the system that is called Felanus in honour of the species different from the Vulpine.  The Lupine Star System would most likely be the largest of the systems, and all systems reside in an area of space dubbed the Lupine Sector.

This would also allow for changes to the homeworld of the Pantherans, as they would reside in the Pantheran System.  There could be two different planets that hold life, one being Panthera Prime, the other being Lionidas.  Who lives where is rather self explanatory.  And just for sake of argument, Canin will still be a planet in the system.

These are changes that will have to be looked at later, after this first draft is finished and the second draft begins.


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