Music of superheroes

07 Apr

Dragonforce Operation Ground And Pound – YouTube.

Switching things up a bit from current writing (because I can do that, and I’ve hit a brick wall… again) as I think about other stories and things I’d like to write (and even make a comic book about, whether in print or a web comic).

Dragonforce has pretty much had the kind of music that I equate to one set of characters I’ve worked on, and featured here in the past.  You might know it, if you’ve read Flag On My Backpack.  It’s the series about a young woman from Montreal who becomes a costumed superhero by the name of Canadienne.  Basically wraps herself in the flag, inspired by the actions of her father during the October Crisis of 1970.  On top of that, she happens to be the lead guitarist of an indie Montreal speed metal band called Blanc Noir.  Formed while they were still in junior high school, they stuck together with the intent to make music, have fun and share their experiences together.  This lasted for a while, and during that time they added a couple of different band members.

The line up now consists of Yves Manderville (lead vocals, keyboards) and Jacqueline Manderville (second lead guitar, mandoline) both of whom are of Haitian ancestry, Michelle Villineuve (percussion) the happy goth of the group, Dominique Turgeon (first lead guitar, bagpipes) who happens to be the super hero of the group as she is the one who dresses in the flag and stops crime, and now there is Raven Running Cloud (bass, classical guitar, six string) who is originally from the Whitecap Dakota First Nation in Saskatchewan, but moved with her father to Montreal when he accepted a position to teach Native American Studies at McGill.  Raven is also the second super hero of the group, calling herself Grey Kestrel.

Dominique (Dom) Turgeon as the electrifying Canadienne.

It’s a story that I’ll definitely come back to again, and while I’d really hope that the idea was picked up in comic form, I actually don’t want either of the big two taking it up.  I’ve really be disillusioned with DC Comics and Marvel Comics as of late (more so DC than Marvel).  There is a comic company that could do a title like Flag On My Backpack some justice, though.

Archie Comics.

Dom's father, Jean Pierre Turgeon as Canadien during the 1970s.

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One response to “Music of superheroes

  1. TC Newell

    April 7, 2012 at 4:47 pm

    I like the superhero music! Especially fight music. Can’t seem to get out of the Batmania craze of the 60’s television show. This is a nice alternative. Thanks for posting it.


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