Ch-ch-changes… to Rocket Fox

10 Apr

With apologies to David Bowie, there are changes to Rocket Fox.  This is actually one of the things I like about the writing and creating process.  Even when I hit a brick wall with the plot (which I have), I’m always trying to develop and create the universe (pardon the pun) of Rocket Fox.  As there already have been a few changes, such as Hardy Maynard suddenly changing gender from male to female, from the Nighthawk going from a trio of ships to one ship that separates into three ships.  And an important one, Hardy will no longer die in Swift Fox and the Pirates of the Jackai (somebody else will, though).

The changes didn’t end.  The star system that the story takes place in is no longer one system, but four.  And it exists in our Milky Way galaxy.  Instead of creating a long diatribe of verbage here for you to read, I made a map, with a small description in it.

Click the picture to embiggen.  And while you look it over…


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