Rocket Fox – a chapter is made

13 Apr

More of the ideas knocking around, added in a detailed description of Chattingham, where the story begins.

Chattingham. The community holds a great deal of history. Built as a lord’s castle, to oversee his lands, it was eventually sacked and taken over by the commoners who tended to his very lands. Sick of his malice toward their living conditions, they lifted themselves to freedom and built a new community upon the ashes of the old castle.

It wasn’t just Vulpine, either. There were a good number of Felanus that lived and worked those lands. The people lived together in harmony in a new community after they banished the lord and cemented their own freedom.

As the years past, Chattingham became a quiet place who’s citizens enjoyed simple lives. They had want for nothing at all. Eventually, one entrepreneurial Vulpine put Chattingham on the map with the construction of a grand library, and hall of learning. Her goal was to make a safe and enjoyable place for students to learn, nestled in the rolling hills of the Uther Valley. Vulpine and Felanus came from kilometers around to study the arts, sciences, philosophy and more.

Time marched on, and a military college was constructed, allowing the student body of the Rathgar College to double in size. Chattingham also had a prosperous aeronautics industry, as some of the parts for many of the early planes were built right there in Chattingham. Eventually, the military college added the school for air cadets, and many of the graduates from the Chattingham Acadamy and Rathgar Military College went on to join the famed 76th and 103rd Fighter Squadrons.

As the expanse of space became open to the Vulpine and Felanus, Chattingham also evolved to meet this change, as the Academy opened a wing dedicated to space exploration. Eventually, a space port was opened. During all this time, however, Chattingham remained tranquil and relaxing.

Centered in Warrenshire, Chattingham is only a few kilometers from the Lemming Cliffs that border the Fox Tail Sea. Sometime during the march of history, while Chattingham was reaching middle age, the Port of Garwallen was settled, and overland routes were built to help bring supplies and mercantile goods to Chattingham. As Chattingham grew, so to did the Port of Garwallen.

It was decreed by the Foxburrow Parliament that the lands surrounding Chattingham would remain untouched, as they were a part of a long history. So while the community would still find her growth, she would retain a great deal of her historical charm.

As with any community steeped in history that runs parallel with military actions, Chattingham has her ceremonies to honour past, fallen members of such a society. Tucked away in a small grove of trees sits a memorial, a small clearing made to erect the structure. There are no bodies there, but the names of each pilot who’s life end came too quickly, or who’s service was one storied in the halls of the local pub. It is here where Vulpine and Felanus come to give thanks and remember their honoured dead.

Now you know the planet in the vastness of space, the people who you will meet, and the community where this all starts. What’s that? How do I factor into this tale? Sad to say, I am not a player in this story, I am merely the narrator. The best Vulpine novelists don’t write about themselves, they chronicle the lives and events of others. But I do know the players very well.

Let me introduce them to you.

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