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Rocket Fox – chapter two revisited

More from the second chapter which wraps things up and gets the reader ready to meet Senia and the others for the first time.

 Before we continue on, I must explain one thing to everyone. That is the ranking system in the academy. All first years enter with the rank of cadet. Graduation to second year will ensure that the students will have the rank of private. Third year, they continue with the rank of private, but by mid term of the third year, that’s when the senior officers and faculty begin to pair down the best of the best. Each house within the academy will have their own commanding officer, who is awarded the rank of left-tenant upon graduation from third year. By mid term third year, most cadets are promoted to corporal. In fourth year, all cadets have their ranks set, with a majority being corporal, some private and the house leaders with the rank of left-tenant.

Left-tenants have a very important duty. As house leader, they oversee all drills, inspect barracks, give weekly evaluations, and conduct training exercises with the cadets. They also provide conciliatory duties and disciplinary duties. The former occurs much more than the latter.

I did mention a house system, didn’t I. There are eight houses at the academy in Chattingham. The houses act as squadrons, but as Vulpine law will not allow anyone under the age of 19 to become a full squadron member, they cannot call themselves an official squadron at the school. Unofficially, they are squadrons, however. The houses do also act as a sort of competitive spirit to motivate the students. Each house has their own rough ball team. They have scores from exams, training exercises and can have points deducted if any cadet receives disciplinary action. And a house can receive a major blow if a cadet is expelled for any reason whatsoever.

As for our three young heroes, they are in the House Ocelot, a prestigious house that many a famed fighter pilot has been a member of. So let our story fully begin, and allow us to look in on our three young cadets and meet their friends at the academy. I believe that what may begin as something rather mundane might indeed prove to be rather adventurous.

As the saying does sometimes go; a Vulpine pilot never knows where the winds may take them.

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Hinterland Who’s Who Swift Fox

Hinterland Who’s Who Swift Fox – YouTube.

This is one of many vignettes by the National Film Board of Canada from the early 1970s.  This one focused on an animal of particular interest to me, the swift fox.

A Swift Fox napping in a zoo

A Swift Fox napping in a zoo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Death of a character

No, I’m not killing off a character in anything I write.  But, I do wanna discuss a character in comics that, as far as I’m concerned, was given a pretty blah ending and a hand wave death.

Cover of "Huntress: Year One"

Cover of Huntress: Year One

The character I speak of is Helena Bertinelli, also known as the Huntress of DC Comics continuity.  The Huntress was a Bat-family character, and often one that wasn’t thought of as being all together nice.  But that’s probably because Helena Bertinelli grew up as the daughter to a Mafia mob boss.  Her parents were killed, and she threw off the responsibility of growing up in the mob to become a vigilante.  She was also a teacher, and taught class at an inner city school in Gotham.

And now she’s dead.

Well, not yet.  The actual final death knell won’t be officially sounded until the first issue of World’s Finest comes out.  The new series is taking a different path.  Instead of being the book for Superman and Batman, it’s now the book for Power Girl and Huntress.

So, I may have confused some people now by saying that the Huntress is going to die, but she’ll be a recurring character in the ongoing series World’s Finest.  Sorry about that, but now it’s time for an explanation.

Before Huntress/Helena Bertinelli, there was another one.  She was from, what DC Comics called Earth 2.  It wasn’t the same Earth that the Superman and Batman we’re familiar with lived, but had older versions of the characters we knew.  And some differences.  Including a woman called Huntress, who in her real life was known as Helena Wayne.  She was the daughter of Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle.  That got washed away in the mega crossover of the mid 80s called Crisis on Infinite Earths.  Huntress died valiantly, along side many other heroes in defending the Multiverse.  She even got a decent on page death scene, one that didn’t involve kitchens or refrigerators as seems to be the case now with female characters.  After Crisis, Huntress was reborn, but as Helena Bertinelli.

She was a more interesting character, to be honest.  She fought actual crime, dealt with real life issues, went head to head with the Batman on many occasions because he found her methods to be quite violent.  Huntress was also the only female character in the DCU to go head to head with the alien Predators when DC and Dark Horse did the Batman Predator cross overs.

And now, that version of Huntress is dead.  It wasn’t a dramatic death scene, however.  It wasn’t even a full page.  It was just one line.  Here it is in the preview to World’s Finest.

It’ll be sad to see her go.

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