Rocket Fox – Chapter three rewrite

28 Apr

Remember how I said before that there are often times when Senia Felix must oversee disciplinary action to any cadets that step out of line in her house? Well, it’s rather sad that is just how we have to begin this tale. Under normal circumstances, this would be a simple matter. But, these are not normal circumstances, for the action that Senia must take involves a very close friend. That is one thing about Senia that is part of her charm, but also a failing. She is incredibly loyal to her friends.

And there is no greater friend to Senia than Jada Hawkspur. Jada was an excellent student and would have had a star filled career as a pilot, with the exception of one small matter. She had an incredible temper. For the most part, she kept it in check, but when someone might say something that would dishonour her family or heritage, well let’s just say the worst in Jada would come out. Such was the case in this matter.

Jada was a middle continent Vulpine, coming from the vast plains of the Kanata Territories. She was leaner than her Foxburrow cousins, and her fur was slightly more beige than the stark red of those who lived along the coastlines. She grew up in a family that was tied to the land, and made their living as farmers. Jada loved her home, but she often talked about journeying to see the stars. When she arrived in Chattingham, one of the first people to make her feel at home was Senia. It wasn’t long before Jada was often seen with Senia, Clarfax and Hardy, laughing and working together.

For Senia, she tried to push back everything so she could do her duty without bias. But when she entered the faculty chambers that were used for such messy purposes, she saw Jada waiting patiently to be called. She couldn’t stay away, couldn’t walk past without saying something.

Timidly, she approached her dear friend.

“Jada,” she said quietly as she took a seat in the waiting area beside her friend.

Jada looked up, smiling softly. She was wearing her uniform, neatly pressed, her hair pinned back in the small pony tail she often would wear. There was no malice in her eyes when she looked to Senia, none at all. “I know what I did, Senia,” she replied quietly. “As soon as Sergeant Willham hit the ground, I was ready for it.”

“I don’t like these things, you know.”

“I know,” Jada replied with a small nod. “This is only the third time you’ve had to do something like this.”

“But this is the hardest,” Senia said, almost as though she were finishing Jada’s sentence. “I know that the members of our house will vouch for you. Sergeant Willham said something deplorable. We all heard it, even me. I was there.”

“I know,” Jada replied with a small chuckle. “I remember you jumping in to pull me back before … well, before anything else happened.” They both sighed and fell silent for a moment before Jada continued. “This needed to be done, I think. Maybe not this way. Meaning me punching Willham. But, I’ve heard others say he was harsh to several other students.”

“Well, after this is over I’m personally filing a complaint,” Senia said in a stern voice. “It’s utter nonsense. That type of attitude should not be tolerated. Even if it is coming from a superior officer. They have to set an example, after all.” She sighed as she let a thousand thoughts fly through her head. “There has to be a way to let the board of judiciary know that…”

“Senia,” Jada said in a soft voice, knowing that her friend would stop and pay attention to her. “I want you to tell the truth. I am willing to face the consequences of my actions,” she said as she put her hand up to prevent Senia from protesting. “I know what I did, and I will not have my own actions jeopardize those of any of my house mates. Alright?”

Reluctantly, Senia agreed, nodding to Jada. In a way, it was like a great weight had been lifted from her shoulders. She could always tell when Jada was being sincere. This was one of those times.

“Left-tenant Felix,” a bold voice called out. Senia and Jada rose to their feet as they recognized the voice of Captain Rita Mallard, a black furred Felanus. She had been with the faculty for a long while, and was ever much a paragon of honour and duty. She tried to hide it, but there were those who said she felt for the predicament that Jada was in. “At ease, both of you. Left-tenant, if you will please come in, the board wishes to ask you a few questions.” Senia nodded and began to make her way to the hearing chamber. Mallard turned to Jada and sighed as she let her shoulders slump just a bit. A wordless gesture, but it spoke volumes. She was disappointed, but only slightly. Mallard was one of those who looked upon Jada with promise. “It shouldn’t be long, Private Hawkspur. We’ll be calling you after we ask Left-tenant Felix some questions. I suggest you get a beverage while you wait.”

Jada nodded in reply, offering a salute as the captain began her way back to the chambers. She didn’t know who would have the more difficult time; herself or Senia.

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