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Wednesday quotes

It used to be Tuesday, but now it’s Wednesday.  Both the day and the quotes part.  Wednesday is a little more lax than Tuesday’s so I’m going to post quotes that I find on Wednesdays instead.  On with the quotes!

To talk about the future is useful only if it leads to action now. ~author unknown

“When you live with hope in your heart, in your mind, and in your spirit, you have discovered one of life’s most powerful secrets of success.  ~Norman Vincent Peale

Our character is measured by what we do – when no one is looking.  ~author unknown

Tell people that you love that you love them….at every opportunity. ~author unknown


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Morning dose of science fiction images

All of these are from the video game Champions Online, where I’ve made the different characters of the story, Rocket Fox: Flight of the Nighthawk.

Lt. Senia Felix, hover boarding.

Corporal Clarfax Billings, checking the read outs.

Corporal Hardy Maynard, battle stance.

And, from the story Swift Fox and the Pirates of the Jackai.

Captain Crena Clarendale, at the ready to swash a buckle.

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