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May the Fourth be with you

No, that wasn’t a lisp.

Time for something silly.

Granted, yes I am more of a Star Trek fan than Star Wars (I did like the first three movies, being the ones that were released first, not Episodes I, II, and III), but there’s appealing things from the first Star Wars movies that have transcended pop culture.  Just as there’s been such things in Star Trek.

And for viewing pleasure, another size comparison of ships, mostly focusing on Star Wars and Star Trek, but there is also a few other franchises.  The largest ship weighs in at over 17,000 meters, from the Star Wars universe the Executor class.  Coming in next is the Lexx (from the TV Series Lexx) at 10,000 meters.  Finally, from the Star Trek universe, the Voth City Ship at 9,800 meters in length.

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