So, this is year of the archer

11 May

Katniss Everdeen from Hunger Games.

Merida from Brave.

Hawkeye from Avengers

Three characters who have been noted as being a part of year of the archer.

And Legolas from Lord of the Rings that most fandoms say started it all off.

Well, if that’s the case, if this is the year of the archer, why is it that one other archer was never really seriously talked about for a movie?  Oh, there’s been discussion, hints and even suggestions.  But nothing really serious.  I think I may have an answer, and it’s rather disconcerting.  This archer happens to be from another comic book company.  That comic book company happens to be owned by Warner Brothers.  For some reason, Warner Brothers just can’t do anything that isn’t Superman or Batman.  Which is why I wouldn’t be surprised that a movie about Green Arrow would not amount to much at all.

It should be easy, really.  The main origin of Oliver Queen, rich kid who has a lacking of morals, becomes stranded on a desert island, learns to rely only on his skill with a bow and arrow to survive.  Comes back to Star City and assumes the role of Green Arrow.  A second movie might kick off a romance with Black Canary.

But, I don’t really have faith that Warner Brothers could do it.  I mean, they can’t get a Wonder Woman movie right, so why would I expect them to get Green Arrow right.

At least Green Arrow survives on in the cartoons and television series that get produced for other titles like Young Justice, Justice League Unlimited and Smallville.  Those television shows did GA some justice.

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