Rocket Fox – more for chapter five

17 May

Finally, after all of that, the students began to filter into the main lecture hall. For many, this was quite the treat; their professor was quite knowledgeable in the field of astrophysics and very well respected. Colonel Nelson Tyrell, a former student who went on to have a storied career with the Air Corps, but not as a fighter pilot as some might guess. Nelson Tyrell became quite vocal about allowing young Vulpine and Felanus who wished to study at Chattingham should be allowed to do so. Any young student, whether military or not. You see, Nelson Tyrell was a scientist before he was drafted into the military during the Great Lupine Land War. He showed skill as a pilot, and was enlisted to fly in supplies to the different encampments during the war. After his service, he petitioned the governments of Foxburrow and Ocata, where he grew up, and suggested that air cadets could find value from learning alongside regular civilian students.

After twenty years, the suggestion has been paying off. The air cadets are exposed to different view points in a wide range of fields, and civilian students have the opportunity to see the rigors of life for Vulpinia’s air cadets.

Nelson Tyrell happened to be a well liked individual as well, and his classes were often filled. A black furred Felanus who grew up in Ocata, he was one to marvel at the mysteries of the universe, and spared no breath in sharing his discoveries with any who would listen. He was also well liked by the entire faculty.

“Good morning, everyone,” he called out to the students as they took their seats in the lecture hall. “Little bit of excitement this morning, as I understand. I’d ask Barnabus to come in and apologize to you all, but I think some of the decor would be a bit off putting to him.” The students chuckled as Tyrell motioned to a model of the Vulpine Star System. “In all seriousness, however, this does bring up a point of history that does need to be discussed, and to show everyone just what we once thought of our world over a thousand years ago.”

Suffice to say, dear reader, Colonel Tyrell continued a rather engaging discussion on how the history of star gazing and space exploration changed the views of everyone on the planet. With the exception of a few, that is. A well discussed three hour lecture, which for those in attendance felt was more like an hour. Tyrell always made certain that his talks were engaging and encouraged comments from his students during such lectures.

Once the time had passed, the students began to exit and prepare for their next class. Senia was called over by Claudia, who began to talk in excited, yet conspiring tones about the upcoming rough ball semi final match. A few others began heading to their dorm areas. As for Clarfax and Robert, they stayed behind. So too did Hardy and Aria.

“I see the ever present Corporal Billings and Mr. Quickfoot have remained behind,” Tyrell said with a smile as he moved over to where they sat. “And Corporal Maynard. I take it you’re waiting for Clarfax to finish.”

“I’m taking him to lunch after,” Hardy said with a broad smile and nudged Clarfax. “Thought I’d stay here and make certain he didn’t sneak off to the library or the astronomy building as he is often want to do.” She chuckled a bit as Clarfax seemed to blush.

“And Private Sharpspeer,” Tyrell said as he spied the spotted Felanus. “I know that you and Hardy are roommates, but…”

“Oh, I wanted to talk with Bobby about something after the lecture,” she said with confidence and a firm nod then looked to Robert. Robert only blinked and gave Aria a look like a deer caught in the headlights. Hardy knew what Aria was doing.

“I see,” Tyrell said with a knowing smile. He could tell when a young female had her interests in someone. “Well, now that we have that information out of the way, what can I do for you?”

“Need a little confirmation,” Clarfax explained as he sat up in his seat. “And maybe some support. I’ve been talking with Bobby and, well.” Clarfax looked to Robert and gave him a nudge. Robert seemed to jump a bit in his seat with the nudge. He was still looking at Aria, rather confused with what she had said. “Tell him, Bobby.”

“Oh, um, yeah,” Robert said as he regained his composure. “I know that others can get placements on board vessels or at research stations. But a lot of them are military vessels. What are the chances of getting on board a vessel like the Huntsman?”

“Ah, one of the best scientific vessels of the Vulpine Armada,” Tyrell said with a nod. “Yes, it’s true that the Huntsman will pick military trained personnel first, but they also look for skilled civilian scientists as well.”

“That means I’ll have to make my mark, I suppose,” Bobby said with a sigh.

“I wouldn’t worry about it too much,” Tyrell replied. “I know of two ships that are always looking for a good scientist and usually accept recent graduates.” Tyrell took out a data pad and punched a few keys. The display showed two ships and their specifications. “The Dorgatha and the Barrow’s Revenge.”

Bobby took a look at the display and read over the specs for a moment before replying. “I thought the Dorgatha was just a salvage ship.”

“She is,” Tyrell said with a nod. “But she requires someone with your type of qualifications. Astrophysics helps someone like you recognize spacial anomalies, and others on the ship will need them identified and informed if they are in danger and have to change course or if they can continue on without any change.”

“Well, it is something, I suppose,” Bobby said with a sigh. “How do you apply to get on board?”

“Captain Red Streak often sends out a wave whenever she needs new crew,” Tyrell said as he tucked the data pad away. “Tell you what, I’ll keep an ear open and if something comes up, you’ll be the first to know.” Bobby smiled and nodded his head, excited at the prospect.

“See,” Clarfax said as he patted Bobby’s shoulder. “I told you there’s other ways to get out there and explore. Just be on your best behaviour if you get on board with the Dorgatha. Only Jackai vessel worth her salt in the sector.”

Ah yes, the Jackai. A quick pause here, as these creatures will become quite prominent later. The Jackai are one of two races on the planet Lupinia, part of the Lupine Star System. There are two main tribes; the Hyna and the Jayna. The Hyna are vicious and barbaric, while the Jayna are much more friendly. Granted, the Jayna can be just as vicious as their tribal cousins. For now, let’s continue with the small conversation at hand.

“So is that all?” Tyrell asked as he looked to the four students. “I hope that was helpful to you.”

“Yes Professor Tyrell,” Bobby said as he rose to his feet and gathered his books. He was smiling now, thinking about star ships and the great beyond.

“Perfect,” Aria said as she also rose to her feet. “Now I can take you around to the tea house, I wanted to talk to you, Bobby.” She looked to him with a smile and Bobby only looked back with a slightly confused look on his face. Eventually, Aria managed to steer him toward the exit.

“I don’t think Bobby has any idea,” Hardy said with a small chuckle.

“Aria really likes him, doesn’t she?” Clarfax asked. He sighed and shook his head. “She’d have to take the direct route with him, he’s always got his nose in a book.”

“You mean more than you?” Hardy said, playfully laughing.

“Hey now,” Clarfax replied, unable to contain a small chuckle. He knew she was only teasing.

“Well, if that’s all,” Tyrell said as he walked back to his desk at the front of the lecture hall. “I have some work to do.”

“Of course, Professor,” Clarfax said as he rose to his feet and gathered his things. Hardy followed suit, and eventually the pair left the lecture hall with the purpose of getting some well needed food.

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