This is what happens when I stop and think

18 May

Strictly about writing, mind you (though, stopping and thinking is good for any life situation).

Last night I posted the last part of chapter five for Rocket Fox.  It was indeed a long chapter.  I sat back and read through it, as I do with all chapters I write.  I came to realize (mind you, I realized this as I wrote it, but it sank in after reading it) that Chapter Five really isn’t an introduction to Clarfax Billings like Chapter Three is an introduction to Senia Felix or Chapter Four is an introduction to Hardy Maynard.  It’s more an aspect of campus life, to be honest.

So, I’ve decided to go back and write a new chapter five, and leave what I’ve written as chapter six.  I wanted to put in this confrontation that appears in this chapter, because I wanted to put forward that not all Vulpine and Felanus are beacons of intelligence or open mindedness.  That there are those who are stubborn in their world views and will never change in their beliefs.

Also, with Clarfax I want to explore something similar to what I did with Hardy.  That being what he enjoys doing.  When I introduced Hardy, she was in the motor pool fixing an old vehicle.  I’d like to do the same with Clarfax, show him in a place where he’s most comfortable.  The library or the observatory.  And I want to show he’s friends with Robert Quickfoot.  I also want to explore the relationship with Clarfax and Hardy.  I want to show they’ve been close since they were kits (yes, that’s not a spelling error, that’s kits not kids, these are fox like humanoids after all), and that relationship has grown as they have grown.

And, I want to introduce the problem that was resolved in Chapter Six, that being Robert Quickfoot’s worry that he won’t be able to get a good position to utilize his skills.  It will also foreshadow something which will come up later (in about book four).

I’ve got my work cut out for me, so there’ll be a slight delay before there’s a download version of the recently finished chapter.

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