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Don’t Panic

Well, a mild success this evening with the attempt to have Senia Felix, the star attraction of Rocket Fox, use her towel in Club Caprice in Champions Online.

After nearly an hour of waiting, and finally an hour of decent role play with the character, someone sent me the thing I’d been waiting for.  As I was leaving, or Senia, rather, I received a whisper from another player.

“So, if I might ask.  What’s with the towel?”

Success!  At least one person asked about the towel, and I regaled them information about Towel Day.  At first they thought it was a joke (which, it actually is) but soon found out it’s real as real can be.

I call that a win.  Happy Intergalactic Towel Day, everyone.

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Thanks for all the fish

Maybe it’s just me, maybe it’s just the fact that there was a piece of literature out there that I enjoyed a great deal and fell in love with the comedy of it’s words.  Thanks for the fish.  Don’t panic.  Always remember your towel.

I awoke this morning with the not so subtle reminder that today is Towel Day.  There on my tumblr dashboard was something that told me not to forget my towel.

I was excited.  Filled with girlish glee (and I am comfortable in my manhood to say I was indeed filled with girlish glee), I set forth to spread the message of the day.  Naturally, I thought one way of doing this would be to venture into the gaming world of Champions Online.  I would take the character I fashioned for the Rocket Fox series and go into a populated area with her towel.  One of the more populated areas that players go to happens to be called, Club Caprice.  So there I was, playing the role of Senia Felix, commander of the Royal Vulpine Armada’s Nighthawk class deep space fighter.  I walked up to the bar, order myself a tea and scones, and made certain that every time I said something or described an action, that the towel would also be mentioned.

Hang the towel over a shoulder.

Use the towel to wipe off the counter of crumbs.

Slip the towel into the weapons belt.

Much to my surprise, and my chagrin, there was no reaction.  None at all.

Granted, I do know that some players have identified anyone playing an anthropomorphic character as a “furry”, and there is a lot of stereotypical baggage that comes with that sub genre.  Those players often ignore such characters.  Their loss, really.  Especially when dealing with the members of the Royal Vulpine Armada.  Granted, there are those who are mildly entertained by Senia’s actions; an incredibly intelligent mind in such a small frame.  A military officer sworn with a duty to protect and keep the peace.  A dedicated explorer.

But what I was really disappointed with was there was no reaction at all, even from those that Senia spoke to and interacted with, who mentioned the towel.  Who got the reference.  Even when some had to leave, there was no comment to “As the intergalactic saying goes, don’t panic” whatsoever.  There wasn’t even a reaction to the comment “thanks for all the fish” upon my leaving the club.

Perhaps it was just the morning crowd.  I’ll have to try again this evening.

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