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Sorry for the background noise, my mic was beside my computer and picked up a lot of fan noise.

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They’re coming to take our jobs!

This is something that we hear a lot, both in Canada and the United States.  How immigrants are crossing the border to take away our coveted jobs, denying Canadians or Americans (or better put, White Folk) a decent paying (ha!) job.

This morning, while delivering papers to the different retail outlets in the town where I work, I learned something in a very short conversation when the owner of the local convenience store said he needed an ad to be placed in the paper for Help Wanted.  Now, we’re a small town, we have three convenience stores, two of which are gas bars, one does auto repair, and the third rents movies.  None of them are a 7-11 or Macs Convenience store brand.  The one where I had this conversation about putting an ad in the paper for Help Wanted happens to be called the D&E.  It’s run by a very nice Chinese fellow and his wife.  He owns the store, he bought it, he runs it, and he also hires people to work for him.  He also happens to be my next door neighbour in my apartment complex.

But he mentioned that the ad, which previously ran in the paper and was smaller, didn’t garner any phone calls.  I said, we can run it for four weeks, and if there’s anything during that time we can go from there.  He agreed, but added, if there still isn’t anything, he’d be forced to go to the immigration office and bring people in to work.

There’s reality, taking a swift kick to the gonads of life.

This convenience store isn’t the only place that has to do this.  There’s a major potato planting and processing facility in Outlook that does a great deal of business in Western Canada.  When harvest time comes around, they need people to come in and assist with everything from tractor operation, to sorting, to bagging.  They advertise for this help in every major newspaper and agriculture periodical across Canada.  So right there, they have a potential of hitting at least half of the 35 million people who live in Canada.  But here’s the kicker.  Every year they are forced to contact the Mexican Consulate and search for workers to come up to Outlook, Saskatchewan and work.

Immigrants aren’t stealing our jobs.  Canadians and Americans find some jobs so far beneath them that they just don’t want to do them.  Or, they are too lazy, because I know there’s people in this town where I live who could work at some of those jobs.  $9.50 an hour is better than nothing.

So again, immigrants are not taking our jobs.

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