This Saturday!

06 Jun

This Saturday is a very special event.

Well special for me, that is.  And no, it’s not just the second beta weekend for Guild Wars 2 (which has no non disclosure agreement, so I can blab about the weekend event all I want).  However, the Guild Wars 2 second beta weekend, conveniently coinciding with this Saturday, is extremely fortuitous.

Because it’s a day made especially for me.  Oh, sure there’s other people out there that will have this Saturday as their day as well.  And not just a day that shows up every once in a while.  Though, it does make it’s return each year on the same date. For example, next year it will be on a Sunday.  Last year, it was on a Thursday (thanks to leap years, it had a two day jump this year).

And just think, that’s only three days away.  Saturday, that is, not the leap year.

I will say one thing about this Guild Wars 2 event, however.  Two characters are going to come alive.  One being Pania as a pistol wielding thief (human, because I can’t see her as one of the “elven” people in GW2).  And the other will be either Avalona or Frigg Elva (Norn, because they need to be HUGE!).

AND maybe I’ll actually get some writing in this weekend.  I have the need to do a bit more world building as it is with Rocket Fox.

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