Rocket Fox – chapter seven, evaluations

17 Jun

The cadets gathered in the main conference room, all taking part in an early morning cup of tea. The sun had risen fully now, and the idle chatter seemed to focus between the training run and the fact that breakfast would be in order. The remaining ten pilots joined Mills and Pinkerton, with Senia giving congratulations all around. Even a welcoming smile was given to Jada as she sat down among the pilots for this final debriefing.

The chatter quieted quickly as Captain Mallard entered the room. All cadets rose to their feet and stood at attention, including Jada.

“As you were,” Mallard announced as she stood before a podium that faced the cadets. She placed a data pad on the surface and read carefully from it before speaking aloud. The cadets settled back into their seats as they waited for Captain Mallard to begin. “As you know, this was your last training exercise,” she began, looking to all of the cadets. “I’m happy to say you performed quite admirably. And if it’s any indication, you’ll have no difficulty dealing with House Fennec in the upcoming rough ball match.” The cadets chuckled lightly to the remark before Mallard continued. “Out of a possible 500 points, I award you 475. The only marks withdrawn was the loss of Ocelot Six. It was unavoidable, but the goal is to attempt to get every craft to the target base in time.” She looked to Mills and Pinkerton. “Individually, I’m awarding each of you 50 points. Quick thinking, and excellent marksmanship.” Mills and Pinkerton smiled and offered a nod in thanks.

Mallard turned to Corporal Greta next. “You kept the communication lines open, Corporal. Key in ensuring that the escort was successful. For you, and for those on your team, I award you 50 points each.” There was a small celebratory congratulations that went around the room as the group that made up command central lightly cheered. Next, came the pilots themselves. “Left-tenant Felix and the remaining pilots. Quick thinking, no hesitation, and lastly, sticking to the transport. You understood the importance of the transport and stuck with it. Excellent work. For that, 50 points for each of you.”

The pilots cheered and there were hugs and congratulations that went around the room. They quieted down again, however, as Captain Mallard raised her hand for some order. “There is one last detail that must be addressed,” she said as she looked to Jada. “You may have been stripped of rank, but you’re still a member of House Ocelot. You kept a civil head during the exercise, especially with the unpredictable nature of the civilian students.”

“It wasn’t that difficult, ma’am,” Jada said with a smile. “Half o’ ’em went back ta sleep, an’ only Bobby was the most problematic. An’ he just had to pee quite badly.” There was some laughter that went through the group.

“I think from now on,” Captain Mallard said with a smile. “It should be impressed upon Mr. Quickfoot to take care of business before anything pressing need be done. Nevertheless, I can still award you 50 points for your actions during the exercise.” There was a cheer that went up through the room, and each cadet congratulated Jada with a pat on the shoulder. For Senia’s part, she gave Jada a hug.

Captain Mallard held her hands up for order and attention once more, speaking when everyone was paying attention to her again. “Now, that is your final training run of the year. Each of you has done extremely well. As House Liaison, I couldn’t be more proud of each and every one of you. Some of you still have some classes,” she said as she looked to Clarfax and a few of the cadets around him. “But also importantly, there is still the rough ball match coming up. There is a practice this afternoon before the upcoming match, so those who are on the team get some rest. All right everyone. Dismissed.”

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