18 Jun

I know this piece is one that was posted over a month ago, but it’s still topical and very important to read. It’s the final word on how to find a different term to use instead of “privilege”. The author chose the term “lowest difficulty setting” for Straight White Males. And being a SWM myself, I have to agree with the points brought up in this.


It’s now been a week and a day since I posted the “Lowest Difficulty Setting” piece, and the dust around is finally beginning to settle, so a moment for some final notes on it before I let it go off into the sunset.

1. Overall, it was interesting. If I had to do it over again I would have posted it yesterday instead of a week ago yesterday, because a week ago yesterday I had five days of travel and business ahead of me which kept me away from the site and led to the comment threads not as pruned for twits as I would have liked. This should be an indication that I honestly did not expect the piece to blow up like it did. I was occasionally accused of writing the piece for attention, which is an interesting thing to accuse a writer on a public blog of…

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