Black Mask & Pale Rider – Ten Chapter Outline

19 Aug

The rewrite of Black Mask & Pale Rider has been on my mind for a bit.  So while I’m writing Rocket Fox, I intend on making good use of my time to get in some plot outlines for Black Mask & Pale Rider.  So here now is the first ten chapters in outline.

Artwork is not mine, and actually it’s a Wild West Witchblade, but damn if that isn’t how I imagine Shani. Minus the Witchblade of course.


Chapter 1 – A Festival Tale

The Festival

Desc: Description of the Brockton Festival and the introduction of Pania Alow and Verit. Eventual introduction of Shani Weenemein and Scales. There are a few descriptions (made through conversation between the two) of events of the festival and dropping of names or other characters. Eventually the pair retires to Pania’s family tent.

* * *

The Story Begins

Desc: The gathered group of elven children (describe a few of them, including those of different cultures to show how far reaching the festival attracts visitors) pleads to hear of the adventures Shani and Pania went on. Eventually Pania gives in, convincing Shani to take part. A small, impromptu theatre is set up outside the Alow family tent, and the story begins.

Chapter 2 – Carrollton, Arkansas

The Gates between worlds

Desc: Before Shani describes arriving in Carrollton, there is a quick description of the gates between worlds. This then flows into the description of Carrollton and the surrounding area, ending with being saved by Johnson.

* * *

The Iron Horse

Desc: Clayton pulls Shani from the tracks just in the nick of time. We’ll note here that Shani has a slight stutter. There is some hesitation between Shani and Clayton, but eventually Shani goes with Clayton.

* * *

At The Cabin

Desc: Shani, along with Scales, arrives at Clayton’s cabin where she gets cleaned up. Discussion about various things, such as Scales and what he is, what Shani is, and Clayton and his guns, along with just what it is he does.

Chapter 3 – Chicago, Illinois

Arrival In Chicago

Desc: Description of Chicago and how Pania learned of the area and what she used to pay for things.

* * *

The Stage

Desc: Pania finds a small theatre in need of actors and actresses. Hiding her elven features, she manages to procure employment in the production of a play by an English play write named Shakespear.

* * *

The Brothel

Desc: Looking for a place to stay, Pania finds Dorchester’s Boarding House for Girls and Women. Verit is discovered.

Chapter 4 – Boomers

The Confrontation

Desc: A pair of slaver bounty hunters tracks Clayton to his cabin. Shani helps fend off the brigands.

* * *

A New Weapon

Desc: After the gun fight, Shani demands to learn how to use a pistol, in order to defend herself should more bounty hunters come calling for Clayton. She soon learns a regular pistol affects her negatively, so a brick of elven steel she has is used to craft a new pair of pistols. Shani also gets some new duds.

* * *

Quick Draw

Desc: Clayton teaches Shani how to shoot, how to stand and how to take care of her weapon. She finds quick draw more to her liking and Clayton is surprised with how quickly she learns. As well, Shani is picking up Clayton’s accent and her stutter is diminishing.

Chapter 5 – Twin Volcanics

The Ruffian

Desc: Pania witnesses a rather rough looking character who tries to have his way with one of Aurella’s girls. Aurella manages to force him to leave at gun point, which makes Pania consider obtaining such a weapon.

* * *

The Weaponsmith

Desc: Pania converses with a local gunsmith about making her a pair of weapons using a brick of elven steel. After a great deal of discussion, she settles on the design of a pair of Smith and Wesson Army 32s to be crafted. This is with the assistance of Aurella, where there is a small exchange regarding why Pania must have the pistols made.

* * *

Practise makes perfect

Desc: Aurella teaches Pania the proper use and care for her Twin Volcanics. Pania also determines to use a moniker whenever she sees fit to do battle against such brigands. Thus, Pale Rider is born.

Chapter 6 – The Legend of Black Mask

A New Threat

Desc: Shani learns a bit more about this world, and what the difference in skin colour means to some people. While in Carrollton looking for supplies, she runs into a small group of gunslingers who recognize her as staying with Clayton. She also learns how vile certain words are as she discovers the term “nigger”. (note: it is important to emphasize that Shani finds the words distasteful and vile, putting a great deal of description into the use of the word by the gunslingers)

* * *

The Sheriff

Desc: Shani is confronted by the sheriff of Carrollton County, and has to explain her way around why she started the fight. She leaves the town, promising never to return.

* * *

The Confession

Desc: Shani talks to Clayton about what happened. He tries to explain that life can be hard in the frontier. They talk about the word she heard as well.

Chapter 7 – The Legend of Pale Rider

News Spreads

Desc: Pania picks up a paper from a newsboy, reading about the new adventures that have been the talk of this small city as the recently talked about Pale Rider is reported on. Has a small talk with the newsboy.

* * *

Talk With Aurella

Desc: Pania and Aurella discuss the dangers involved in what she’s doing. Pania agrees she’ll find a way east within the next day or two. Aurella admits she’s been wanting to head to Indiana, being a free state it would be better for a couple of her girls.

* * *

Late Night Attack

Desc: Aurella’s is attacked by the ruffian from before, and three of his friends. Pania becomes involved, and it’s known that Pania and Pale Rider are one in the same.

Chapter 8 – Wagons East

The Journey East

Desc: Pania prepares to leave, saying her goodbyes to the girls of the boarding house and especially to Aurella. She packs up and mounts her horse to head off to the unknown.

* * *

Adventures East

Desc: Mainly a descriptive scene, detailing Pania’s small adventures and getting used to the terrain, meeting Native Americans and feeling a mix of pity and rage for what’s been done to them.

Chapter 9 – North to Pennsylvania

The Gunfight

Desc: Shani and Clayton find themselves pinned down in Clayton’s cabin, as the brigands that previously encountered Shani seek revenge. This time, there is no mercy as Shani and Clayton cut them down.

* * *

Heading North

Desc: Shani and Clayton part ways, Clayton heading to Indiana, while Shani decides to venture north, maybe even to Canada. A long description ensues of her adventures, robbing stage coaches and banks.

Chapter 10 – The Interlude

The Story Pauses

Desc: Shani and Pania discuss making these stories a daily event during the festival as the first day of the Brockton Festival comes to a close.

* * *

The Next Day

Desc: Shani and Pania move to a larger venue, as the children from the previous day have now brought their parents. Pania quickly recaps before introducing Captain Samuel Williams.



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