Black Mask & Pale Rider Outline Complete

22 Aug


The outline is finished.  21 Chapters in all for the outline and things are starting off nicely.  Using the original writing from Between Raising Hell And Amazing Grace (the title of the first series as posted online) was 25 pages, 11,500 words in total.

This new write up will have to include descriptions of Carrollton, Arkansas, Chicago, Illinois, Brockton and the Brockton Festival, Shani, Pania, Verit and Scales, along with a description of Captain Williams.

Writing will begin this weekend (or tonight, if I get home at a decent time).  Barring how addicted I get to Guild Wars 2, which also begins this weekend for anyone who pre-ordered the game.  Hopefully, writing will take a greater amount of priority.

I also still have to get used to the keyboard configuration on my laptop, it’s really cutting down my typing speed.


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