The music of Guild Wars 2

05 Sep

While traipsing around The Plains of Ashford in Guild Wars 2 with my thief Shani (not pictured above, because Shani’s armour looks cooler and at least covers her up), I really began listening to the music recently.

So, yeah, I’ve been playing a lot of Guild Wars 2.  My main character is already level 44 (highly disappointed that I didn’t realize the new hat I have can’t be used until level 45).  There are a great number of reasons why I love this game.  From crafting, to the design aspects of the characters, to the fact you don’t need to buy more dyes to recolour your armour.  But one thing I did notice is the music.  Jeremy Soule composed all of the music for Guild Wars 2 (just as he did for Guild Wars) and I came to realize something.  The music reminded me a lot of another game, which was also composed by Jeremy Soule.  A game I’ve played since it’s release in 2002.  Neverwinter Nights.

The music in Neverwinter Nights was very encompassing, and I’m one of those players who likes the music in a game (because it’s part of the game, people worked hard to add it in).  Guild Wars, Guild Wars 2 and Neverwinter Nights had music that matched the atmosphere of the world, and add to the epicness that surrounds it.

The music is also very familia, as that piece from Neverwinter Nights: Hordes of the Underdark, sounds very similar to this piece found in the Plains of Ashford.

Whatever a person wants to say, they can’t say that the composer is plagiarizing, as Jeremy Soule composed the music to both Neverwinter Nights and the two expansions as well as the music to Guild Wars, Nightfall, Factions, Eye of the North and Guild Wars 2.

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