Rocket Fox: War of the Worlds the idea

14 Sep

[[You can blame this song and H. G. Wells War of the Worlds in the first place, along with my active imagination for this.]]

Opening, like War of the Worlds, except changed slightly to reflect the area of space occupied by Terra-Kal. The voice is Pania’s as though she’s telling a story.

“No one would have believed, in the first decades of the final millenial century that elven affairs were being watched from the timeless worlds of space. No one could have dreamed that we were being scrutinized, as someone with a scry studies ebb and flow of magic. Few elves even considered the possibility of life on other planets and yet, across the gulf of space, minds immeasurably superior to ours regarded this planet with envious eyes, and slowly and surely, they drew their plans against us.”

Scene opens with Pania, Shani and Shani’s mother, Unia along with two elven children, Vindy and Pylia (Pania’s younger sister, mute), looking up at the stars as the sun sets. Small discussion of the wonders of the universe, and if somewhere among those stars was Earth. Scene ends with Vindy reciting “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”.

Second scene begins as though the camera pans through the atmosphere of Terra-Kal and into the area of space around it, revealing an orbital space station. On the reads in an alien script, but translated for this purpose, “Royal Vulpine Authority Science Guild”. The station is huge, and a large escort cruiser is seen docked at the station’s docking area. The camera would switch to the interior, as Vulpine and Felanus scientists take readings of the planet. Some are preparing a transmission back to Vulpinia. In a lounging area, a group of fighter pilots, among them is Left-tenant Commander Aria Sharpspear, now in command of her own squadron. Among the scientists is Marine Biologist Claudia Whitefur.

Suddenly, there is a call out to the station commander.

“I’m detecting a large, radiation emission coming from the docking section of the station, commander.”

“Spacial anomaly?”

“No sir. It seems to be moving with some purpose as though… as though it’s a cloaked ship.”

“Scan the region. I want to make sure there’s no surprises.”

Also docked at the station is the Dorgatha, the salvage and cargo cruiser captained by the Jackai known as Red Streak. She and her crew are busy off loading supplies and making any repairs to their own vessel. It is helms officer Jada Hawkspur who manages to identify the anomaly and warns her captain.

“Streaker, I’m detecting the anomaly that the station’s sensors are looking over. Nattie and I have been studying it, and quite frankly it’s worrisome.”

“What is it, Hawkspur?”

“We recognized the signature. At least, we did when we looked through the Critainian database. It has a similar radiation signature to the cloaked ships of the Raptory Imperial Forces.”

Just then, a call goes across the station, ship sighted off the docking ring of the station. Identified as Raptory. A large battle ensues, but the station was no match. All fighter pilots are ordered to their craft, Red streak is asked to shuttle the scientists. They have only one place to go; the planet’s surface. They are forced to make first contact with the elves of Terra-Kal.

On the surface of Terra-Kal, Shani and Pania took note of the activity in the sky, as they saw distant explosions, thinking they were stars dancing in the night sky, which brought about more wonder to the nature of the cosmos.

Lt. Commander Sharpspear oversees the loading of scientists aboard the Dorgatha along with Red Streak. Then, she calls out to the other pilots that they would be escorting the Dorgatha to the surface. Twenty fighters in total.  The question is raised about going into battle, but that is soon answered by the commanding officer of the escort cruiser docked at the station.

This escort cruiser is called the RVA-Thunderchild. The Thunderchild will attack the advancing Raptory vessels, giving the Dorgatha and her Vulpine escort time to escape toward the planet. The battle is quick, but the Thunderchild and her Felanus commanding officer manage to do significant damage to a few of the Raptory vessels, surprising them with a full volley of photon torpedoes, full spread, as we hear from the bridge of the ship.

“Target the lead ship. Fire all neutronium cannons, photo torpedoes, full spread.”

“Lead ship is taking heavy damage, Commander Islington.”

“Report, Ensign.”

“Damage to decks 3, 4, 5 and six. Force fields are in place. Several injured on deck 7, four fatalities on deck six.”

“Shields at 25%, Commander!”

“Target the second ship. Photon torpedoes!”

“Phaser banks are out, commander.”

“Release plasma discharge from the engines, sneak in tight to their starboard side. We’ll strike the third ship with a full spread as we pass.”

“The first ship is dead in space, Commander. The second ship is drained of shields and weapons are down.”

“Shields are down, Commander.”

“All non-essential personnel to the escape pods. Lt. Ramming speed.”

As the escape pods head toward the surface of Terra-Kal, the Thunderchild and her valiant officers slam into the hull of the third ship, exploding in a shower of spark and flame, destroying the third vessel.

On the surface of Terra-Kal, Shani and Pania are beginning to realize that the bright colours in the sky are not random chance. Unia is the first to recognize the swarm of fighter craft and escape pods as vessels. Then they see the bulk of the cargo ship the Dorgatha. She’s venting plasma as she decends. Right in line with the main square of the city of Arcanum Bridge.

On the Dorgatha, Red Streak and her crew are attempting to keep the vessel from crash landing.

“Thrusters are down, Streaker.”

“Sharpspear, we need assistance!”

“Keep calm. I’ll bring in five fighters and we’ll attempt to use the tractor beams to level you off.”

“If you can do that, we can work to get thrusters back online.”

“Streaker, I’m detecting bio signs dead ahead. Over 250 thousand.”

“Understood, Uncle Red Claw. I think it’s more than obvious that the populace of this mud ball knows we’re here.”

“We’re heading straight for the city central square!”

“I have thrusters!”

“Slow our decent. Sharpspear, can you use your tractor beams to ensure we don’t crash?”

“Of course we can. Just make sure you’re worried about the city as much as you are about the Dorgatha.”

“Ha ha, Sharpspear. No offense to these people, but I’ve got a boatload of my crew and your scientists. My first priority is to them. Fortunately, our safety is in direct relation to the safety of that city.”

The Dorgatha is pulled and begins slowing, in full view of the entire city of Arcanum Bridge. Fighter jets begin to land as pilots exit their ships, watching the Dorgatha and holding their breath, until she finally lands. It’s a hard landing, but safe. The fighter pilots then notice they are surrounded by Arcanum Bridge patrollers, among them Shani and Pania.

One of the pilots raises her hands above her head and calls out to Sharpspear.

“Commander, we have a problem. We’re surrounded.”

“Turn on your translators, convince them we mean them no harm.”

“And the Raptory?”

“That will take some explaining. I’ll make my way to you. Until then stall them.”

The pilot turns on her translator and calls out to the surrounding elves. Pania listens carefully, noting that some of the words are just slightly off, but seems to understand these strange, fur covered beings are not here to harm them.

“Me name is Pania Alow, knightess o’ the Order o’ The Scarlet Rose.”

“Corporal Heather Martins. My commanding officer, Left-tenant Commander Aria Sharpspear is making her way here to speak with you.”

Sharpspear arrives and explains the situation. At first there is some distrust as Sharpspear explains the Vulpine Science Guild was studying the elves from afar. Sharpspear also goes on to say that the Vulpine and Felanus feel responsible, as they believe they should have protected the planet far better. The elves begin to understand that had these beings not been here, the Raptory would have had an easier target.

[[and I’ll definitely have more later]]


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