Black Mask & Pale Rider: Primo Victoria and more on War of the Worlds

15 Sep

[[More musings on this new story idea, as the focus shifts away from Terra-Kal, as Pania and Shani come up with an idea.]]

Terra-Kal is cut off by a Raptory blockade. The refugees of Arcanum Bridge have escaped with the crew of the Dorgatha and the remaining scientists and pilots from Vulpinia. Messages to the Nordicians have been intercepted by Raptory spies. The Mysterian Elves are hiding the refugees as word is sent north to the Judan and Murhareen Elves of the great desert. The elves and their alien allies from the Lupine Sector of Space are running low on weapons, low on food, and low on morale. Lt Commander Sharpspear fears that the distress beacon launched from the space station did not make it to the Pantheran Star System.

While all hope is lost, Pania comes up with an idea. The elves of Terra-Kal have known of their kin that still lives on Earth. Perhaps finding some, and bringing back weapons will help a great deal in pushing back the Raptory and liberating Arcanum Bridge. Shani and Pania know the gates between worlds very well, and they know which ones will take them to the places they need to go. One such clan of elves is believed to still reside in the British Isles.

To assist, Jora and Yenlia Grem, the twin Pantherans who assist Dr. Morse Tellin on the Dorgatha state they are coming with Shani and Pania. The pair are spotted Pantherans, and are known for their skill with medicine as well as their speed. At first, Shani and Pania are not certain taking the two will help, but they eventually agree. Undaunted, the four set out to find the proper gate, which after a day of searching they do.

The gate does indeed take them to Earth. And it does indeed take them to London. But London is under seige, as bombers fly overhead, dropping massive payloads down upon the city. Shani and Pania, who witnessed the first world war some thirty years before, are amazed that Earth would still be plagued with this. Until they, along with the Pantheran twins, learn this isn’t a decades long war, but in fact a second war affecting the entire planet.

Yenlia: So this is Earth.

Pania: Aye, it’d appear as such.

Shani: Look like they done got themselves stuck in a massive war. Wonder if it’s been goin’ on since we went ta Russia thet one time.

Jora: I don’t know of the history you speak of, but I found this. (hands over a newspaper) I can’t read it, naturally, but from the look of it, it has details of this conflict.

Pania (studying the paper): Says ‘ere that this conflict began in 1938 ‘r there ’bouts. Some group called the Nazis, the new leaders o’ Germany.

Shani (looking over Pania’s shoulder): Ain’t thet symbol Hindu? ‘R was it Chinese, I can’t remember.

Pania: Hindu, I b’lieve. I saw it when we were in India, an’ a ghuru mentioned it meant somethin’ like ta be good. Looks like these Nazis ‘ave perverted it. They put it on an angle.

Jora: Cultural and historical lessons aside, we had best find shelter. Two elves may be able to blend in with the populace of this planet, but I doubt there are any Pantherans here.

After dealing with Nazi collaborators, and explaining the appearance of Jora and Yenlia, the four are directed north, to Scotland where an air battalion is known to make incredible attacks that are extremely effective. Unforunately, they are not officially part of the British Air Force, and so are not called upon for combat.

When they arrive, they do indeed find the battalion, made up entirely of elves. They have five bombers and a squadron of Spitfires. This intrigues Pania, wondering how they could survive being encased in a flying machine that most assuredly has some cold iron in it, until she learns that elven steel was used to craft the planes.

The four manage to tell the elven fighter squadron the problem, and eventually all agree to return to Terra-Kal with the two elves and two Pantherans.

[[more will be on the way later.]]


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