Rocket Fox: Map of Foxburrow

23 Sep

Using the map making tool AutoREALM, I went ahead and made the map to the main part of the world where Rocket Fox takes place; the Nation State of Foxburrow.


Right now it has the coastline, borders and the major centers of the nation.  To the south is the large desert nation of Sandicia (which I’ll create when I have some time, because it’s really big).  To the north is the equally large nation of Kanata.  Each nation has it’s own military academy, and each one focuses on a different aspect of military.  While the nations do have their own governments, and their own police forces, the military is a global one that protects the entire planet.

Foxburrow is based on culture equal to the British Isles, and by that I mean going back several centuries when Celts were the primary population.  The citizens of Foxburrow have retained their cultural standing and have become accepting of other cultures as well.  For example, the culture of Sandicia is very different than the culture of Foxburrow, and the culture of Kanata is just as different to both Sandician and Foxburrow culture.

The main centres shown are ones that have space ports.  Landing and launching facilities to send shuttles into orbit to meet with the different orbital platforms that surround the planet.  Each town or village that has an academy, such as in Chattingham, has a space port.  Also, any sea faring port of call, such as Rottenburg, Sandicia and Glassford on Fox Tail, also has a space port.

The main population of Foxburrow is Vulpine, though through trade, migration and long past wars, many Felanus have settled in Foixburrow.  Most of those are from neighbouring Sandicia and Kanata, though there are those from Ocata, which is across the Fox Tail Sea, and the island nation of Mayalia, south of Ocata, who have settled in Foxburrow.

Glenmirri is the capital city of Foxburrow, and the seat of government for the nation.  The governmental system is a parliamentary style system of government, with members of parliament being elected from different constituencies around the country.  Chattingham is home to the first military college in Foxburrow, though it is not the oldest military college in all of Vulpinia.  The oldest happens to be in Ocata City, across the sea in the Ocata Nation.  Foxburrow does boast one of the oldest sea ports still in existence, however.  Glassford on Fox Tail has been a seafaring port of call for two thousand years.  To the north is Rathgar, which may be slightly confusing, as the Chattingham Academy was once called Rathgar College.  The name is thanks to a large family that held a great deal of agricultural land surrounding Rathgar, and one of the family members moved to Chattingham and started the college over a thousand years ago.  That time was the period of enlightenment for the Vulpine and Felanus, as the War of Five Nations had just come to an end with the signing of a peace treaty.  Rathgar has a space port as well, the only inland port outside of Glenmirri in all of Foxburrow.  That port is primarily used by the Vulpine Trade Commission for shuttling grain and other food products to the different space stations and in many cases onto the planetary systems of Critain, Lupine and Pantheran.

Foxburrow boasts fifty different rough ball pitches throughout the nation.  Though not nearly as many as neighbouring Sandicia, it is still an indication that the sport is extremely popular to those living in Foxburrow.  Over the course of the past thousand years, Foxburrow has hosted the Five Nations Cup fifteen times.  Whenever the host city is near a border, the championship is often said to have shared hosting duties for both nations.  For example, the Five Nations Cup has been held in Glassford on Fox Tail three times, and held in Rottenburg, Sandicia six times.  In those cases, both Foxburrow and Sandicia have assisted with hosting duties, as communities near to those centers helped with lodging, practice fields and other important factors that help with the games.  In those cases as well, the games became a celebration of cultural diversity.

The primary exports of Foxburrow is agriculture, forestry and paper.  Centuries ago, Foxburrow decreed that in order to help protect the forests of the nation, it would be encouraged that many farming communities should grow hemp, thus helping with paper, textiles and different uses for replacing machine parts.  The close relative of hemp was also grown, for use in medicinal purposes.  There still is a forestry industry, but law states that whatever is cut down, has to be replanted.  An entire industry was created and many tree farms began to crop up around the surrounding forests of Foxburrow.

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