This is Halloween!

25 Sep


So what, we’re still a little over a month away from Halloween, but that’s no reason not to get ready for the time of year.

So major do’s and don’t around this time of year.

I know that a lot of people will think it’s really cool to adopt a black cat at this time of year.  But make sure you’re ready to be invested into the experience.  Cats are living creatures who aren’t as independent as one might think.  They’re pets and for a lot of people, they’re part of the family.  Don’t just adopt a cat from a shelter because it’d be cool to dress up like a witch with an authentic black cat.  You can use a stuffed toy for that.  On the other hand, adopt a black cat if you really are ready to care for the animal.  If so, then by all mean go for it.  Adopt one for me, because I live in an apartment and can’t have cats here.

Don’t be a jackass around this time of year.  Halloween does not equal getting away with vandalism.  Contrary to popular belief, Halloween was never about scaring people, but actually about warding off evil spirits.  The festivities were more about protection than what many talk about now.

If you’re going to go to a Halloween party, go with someone you trust, especially if the party is somewhere you’re unfamiliar with.  Even for adults, make sure that any costume you wear allows you to move and breathe easy.  Some costumes, while looking cool, can be a tad confining.  I know you totally wanna create a costume like a lot of cosplayers do, but they put in a lotta time into their work, and in a lot of cases it takes more than a month to get ready.  You may have to lower the bar a tad, but if you look around you might be able to find some inexpensive materials to help out in making your dream costume.

Try, really hard, not to be a douchebag to others at this time of year.  That goes for anyone who has their sights set on tping someone’s house to the Scrouge of Halloween who thinks that everyone is just some heathen.  Halloween should be a safe and fun time of year, and those taking part in it don’t need a lecture on the evils of the season.  Conversely, don’t target those who say bah humbug at this time of year.  That just pisses them off and gives them a reason to hate the season even more.  Plus, cleaning up eggs from a car really sucks.

Research the history of Halloween.  I’ll admit, this one is one of my favourites, mostly because I like reading new things about history all the time.  Halloween has some amazing stories from many different parts of the world.  Read up on them, you might become really intrigued.

Tell ghost stories.  Make them up, and have fun with some friends.  Or even go out and find some of those really awesome Ghost Stories books.  The first one I read was Jo-Anne Christensen’s Ghost Stories Of Saskatchewan.  If you look around, you’ll find similar books about Manitoba, Alberta and even quite a few of the States have their own book in this line.  There’s even More Ghost Stories Of Saskatchewan.  And if you’ve got some good ghost stories…

share ‘em with me.  I’ll feature them in 31 Days of Ghosts.

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