Rocket Fox: Ship designs

26 Sep

I’ve been back at it again with ship designs to the Nighthawk, and came up with some major changes.  The old design will still exist, but it will be the Maverick Class fighter craft.

Maverick Class fighters escorting the Barrow’s Revenge in Vulpinian space.

So those ships will remain, but they’ll get a bit of a face lift, seeing how they’ll mostly be used in the forthcoming Rocket Fox: The Barrow’s Revenge series, they’re colour scheme will change to black details with white and blue hulls for the markings of the Midnight Squadron.  That’s the squadron lead by Lt. Colonel Artemis Dawkins and is attached to the Barrow’s Revenge.

The Nighthawk will have a sleeker design, and will appear a bit odd to look at.  The entire ship will appear as though there are three pods attached to it.

The Nighthawk in escort mode.

That’s an early craft, without much detail.

Escort mode again, this time the ships have more detailing.

There’s still a bit of work that needs to be done on the ships, such as the main central ship needs a bit more detailing, and there could also be changes to the colour scheme, even creating a shader that might be better suited to the ships.

Eventually, the central ship will have running lights, registry name and number, along with forward phaser cannons.  I’ve decided not to have torpedo launchers as the ship may be larger than a fighter craft, but it’s still a touch small.  Combined, the Nighthawk is classed as a small escort ship, and can have a crew compliment of nine.  Individually, once separated, they are classed as fighter craft and can have crew of three each.  Landing gear will be concealed when in transit, and extend (obviously) when docked in a shuttle bay.  Wheels on struts, so the craft can take off on a runway, or take off from a vertical position and just lift up.

The Nighthawk in Squadron Mode.

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