Belief in Ghosts?

01 Oct

The first day of October is here, so it’s time for 31 Days of Ghosts.

Six years ago, there was an interesting article that came out in the Regina Leader Post. It was about a poll conducted by Ipsos Reid, that found out nearly half of Canadians believe in ghosts and one in five say they have been in the presence of a supernatural being. But instead of actually breaking it down and talking to a large number of scientists and sociologists about this study, the Leader Post had some fun with it.

Nearly half of all Canadians believe in ghosts, according to a new Ipsos-Reid poll released for Halloween this year, with one out of every five reporting they have been in the presence of supernatural beings.

The numbers — 48 per cent believers, 18 per cent eyewitnesses, and nine per cent either past or present residents of houses they say are haunted — seem to match a growing North American trend of renewed attention to the mystic and the occult. Sociologists and psychologists say a belief in the paranormal is a manifestation of societal backlash to modern technological —

You know what?

Just for today, to heck with what the sociologists and psychologists say.

Herewith, on Halloween Eve, one mortal’s picks for the 10 spookiest spots in Saskatchewan, muwahahaha…

Read More at S-s-scary S-s-saskatchewan.

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