31 Days of Ghosts: Haunted Saskatoon

15 Oct

Most people at this time of year, really want to hear about something actually haunted.  They want to find that one spot that’s filled with lore about ghosts and the supernatural.  And Saskatoon has it’s share of haunted areas.

When I first did this series a few years ago, I mentioned the hauntings at the Delta Bessborough Hotel and the ghostly apparitions and the voice that calls out your name (not just any name, but your name).  Here’s an update of haunted places in the Paris of the Prairies.

WOODLAWN CEMETERY – A ghost of an old woman walks..well more floats threw the cemetery at night. There is also reports of a evil presence, usually seen as an aboriginal man with a pony tail and completely BLACK eyes, or glowing green or red light in the sockets.

WESTERN DEVELOPMENT MUSEUM – Numerous hauntings reported.

PARKTOWN HOTEL – Has a total of 9 known playful ghosts.

OLD BROWNWELL SCHOOL HOUSE – Now burned down, but there were strange lights from the windows, and some people have seen the apparition of a skeleton. Although its burned down, the land seems to have a strange feeling to it.

OLD NUNNERY – Old orphanage near the RPC. Nicknamed the Bloody Mary House.

412 DEVONSHIRE CRES. – You’ll hear foot steps down the halls at night, see black flashes out of the corner of your eye, things will turn on or go missing by themselves.

THE OLD DIEFENBAKER CEMETARY (by the Exhibition grounds) – Apparently there are ghosts of pioneers roaming around and the cries of babies can be heard.

NORTHGATE HOTEL ROOM 147 – A man was murdered there, and the bed will keep moving on its own.

ST. PAUL’S HOSPITAL – Apparently there are nuns that haunt the basement area.

COLLEGE PARK SCHOOL – At the school there was a girl who died in 1982 and was 10 years old her name was Colleen H Curtis who was killed by a firewall falling on her. She was allergic to soap so when you throw it backstage she will appear and she will look like a human covered in blood and she will scream and the only one who will hear it is the one who threw the soap.

LESTER B. PEARSON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL – It is said that the tree by the front Preschool doors has a unexplained force if you go to the tree there for about 2 minutes by yourself you won’t be able to move. Also a ghost haunts the observatory.

MCKIM BUILDING (apartment building) – This apartment building was built in 1914, it is downtown behind the post office. A nurse haunts Suite #9 in her 30’s. She probably died in the 20’s because her uniform was that of someone in that era. She would constantly be looking for her keys. Mostly seen out of the corner of the eye. She would also, fill bathtubs, leave money (reports of finding quarters and dimes in the room all the time and pennies were always on the floor in the dining room. They even found a penny in the freezer once. She has also been known to sit at the end of the bed and play with feet.

THE MARR RESIDENCE – Located near Broadway on 11th Street East, the Marr Residence is Saskatoon’s oldest building still on its original site. It was built in 1884 by Sandy Marr. In 1885, it was used as a field hospital for Canadian soldiers during the Riel Rebellion. It is now a museum and heritage site. It is said to have three ghosts within its walls — a cranky gentleman that sulks in the basement and children that can be heard laughing in one of the bedrooms. Some people also claim to see strange figures walking through the house at night.

DIEFENBAKER PARK CEMETERY – In the oldest cemetery in the city, apparently the ghosts of pioneers can occasionally be seen wandering among the tombstones. On another creepy note, many of the graves in this cemetery are occupied by deceased children and babies.

MAPLE GROVE (also known as Leisureland) – is located upstream from the Queen Elizabeth Power Station, on the west side of the river/train bridge in Diefenbaker. It is located adjacent to Yorath Island and includes a portion of the island. Vehicular access to Maple Grove is by the road that extends south from Spadina Crescent, City of Saskatoon. The property is within the Rural Municipality of Corman Park.

Maple Grove originally did not have a channel running through it. The quarter section of which Maple Grove is part of was intact when surveyed in 1903; however, the river channel meandered into the quarter section then deposited on the west edge forming Yorath island. This natural accretion allowed the owner of Maple Grove to retain title of the remainder of the quarter section on the island (very rare). The area was originally known as Maple Grove although there is some doubt that the maples are indigenous. The area housed a number of cottages at one time, but they all burnt downed prior to the 1950s.

In the 1960s, Mr. Mike Egnatoff and his wife developed the area into an amusement park with a ferris wheel, trampolines, miniature golf, playground, train, playfields, and picnic facilities. In addition, they developed a dance hall with kitchen and concession. A campsite for trailers was developed which turned into a permanent mobile trailer park with 18 trailer units. The amusement park was known as Leisureland. It was very active for 20 years, then except for the group picnics, hall and trailer court, the area became inactive due to amusement competition in town. The Egnatoffs built a new house on the site close to the river and near the hall in the 1980s. In addition to the trailers and the one new house, there is a shack that is located south of the hall at the base of the west bank. This building is the only building site on the lower terrace that is above the 1:500 year flood line. A root cellar mini hall was built to service the catering hall near the entrance to the property. This building is currently being leased to a group of artists.


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7 responses to “31 Days of Ghosts: Haunted Saskatoon

  1. Joanne

    July 28, 2015 at 11:26 pm

    First of all the College Park firewall fell in October 1980 on a girl named Stacy. Your facts are wrong.

  2. Tim

    July 29, 2015 at 7:32 am

    We’re also talking about ghost stories. Which, to be fair, is also without a lot of fact. They’re stories, that’s it.

  3. Tim

    May 10, 2016 at 11:00 am

    Hi my name is Tim I’m a paranormal investigator from Belleville,Ontario I’m with a group called Ontario paranormal research society I find that others do want to hear about the stories and all so want to see and hear what we as paranormal investigators do catch on our devices and I even find that skeptics are starting to wonder what we are really picking up on our cameras and on our evps as they to venture in some paranormal even though they are skeptics but when they do get something they try to find a reason on what they captured and still they can’t come up with any.

  4. Jackie Block

    August 25, 2016 at 9:41 am

    Old Woolworth building (currently SK social services on 2nd ave) – before it became the ‘welfare’ office it was a pool/billiards hall. we were having a game of pool one night when my friend got scared and said she didn’t want to play anymore, she told me something was pulling on her cue whenever she would try to shoot, no one was around her that could possibly do that. i was skeptical i told her it was her imagination but we ended up leaving after that. a week later we went back with her boyfriend. this time it was me who was about to do an awesome break when ‘something’ tugged my cue just as i was about to hammer the cue ball, and it was a hard tug! i was about to say “hey quit messing around” because i thought it was my friends bf because it was such a hard rough tug, i looked up and he was standing beside her across the table, i turned around and there was nothing but a wall and no one else around. this time i got the heebie-jeebies and wanted to leave, we didn’t play pool there much after that.

  5. Trish

    August 25, 2016 at 3:48 pm

    I would love to explore as many of these sites as I could. I have done some investigating in the past and would be extremely interested in more in the future.

  6. Kelly wilkes

    October 28, 2016 at 1:03 pm

    Are you fucking kidding me??????My brother was murdered in that room.

  7. Kristian

    March 16, 2017 at 9:55 am

    Anybody have an actual address for the old orphanage or “the bloody mary house”. I can’t find it anywhere and it doesn’t bring anything up online other than “by the rpc” but that’s a big area and I can’t seem to find it. Any help is good thanks.


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