31 Days of Ghosts: Fort San Sanitorium, Fort Qu’appelle, Saskatchewan

18 Oct

Ghost Stories: Fort San Sanitorium, Fort Qu’appelle, Saskatchewan « Turn the Page.

Bringing this one back because it stirred a lot of responses.  It would seem that old sanitoriums like Fort San draw a lot of interest.  Especially if there are claims that it is haunted.

I don’t know for certain if it is or not, but there are a few people who commented that they have experienced quite a few different things while visiting the old grounds (whether they were on there legally or not).  As far as I know, the old grounds and the sanitorium are both condemned and were as I heard slated for destruction.  I’m not sure if this is true or not, nor do I actually know if it has been demolished.

Whatever the case maybe, it’s an old story that dates back to the days when tuberculosis was an epidemic.  While most ghost stories often are in some gothic location, there are quite a few that seem to reflect the age of death and disease.

Give the page a read through, and, if you’ve ever been there, share a story or two.

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