31 Days of Ghosts: Ghost Hunters

22 Oct

We’ve seen ghost hunting on television before.  I’m sure everyone has heard of the program Ghost Adventures with Zach Nikk and Aaron.  The different famous locations across the United States (and even some in Europe) that they have explored.  Including the Pennsylvania State Penn, who’s most famous inmate was Al Capone.

Naturally, ghost hunters, or rather investigators, do exist.  They aren’t just something made for TV.  Saskatchewan is no exception, considering the number of haunted places we have in the province.  Two such individuals in Regina are Dana Hryhoriw and Wendell Kapay, and they are the Ghost Hunters Research Team (more can be read about them at this Regina Leader Post article).  There’s even the Sasaktchewan Ghost Hunter’s Society.  While one might think of something very glamourous when hunting ghosts, in reality, these people are much more like historians.  They not only investigate paranormal happenings in and around Saskatchewan, but also try to determine why those things happen.  Which means going back to the history of a place.

The history might have been tragic, it may have been a place named for a certain person or it might be something rather mundane.  One thing, however, connects all of them together.  No one knows why there are paranormal sightings or activities, and what is it about certain places that brings that about.  Maybe it’s some deeply spiritual reason.  Perhaps the location was especially dear to the departed.  In the cases of those who passed on violently, maybe they are still seeking some retribution to this very day.

Whatever the case, there will always be ghost hunters and paranormal investigators that will try to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

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