31 Days of Ghosts: A costume fit for a snow suit

23 Oct

Sometimes Halloween isn’t about scary stories or mystery, it’s about some memory that happened twenty or thirty years ago.  For me, that memory sparked fully yesterday.

Yesterday, I came into work feeling a little better than I had on the weekend.  On the weekend, I pretty much made my home in the bathroom, becoming best friends with the toilet, while at the same time deciding it might be a good idea to do some cleaning in there.  I was in the bathroom a lot, after all, so it made a lot of sense.

But yesterday, I was sent home because I still felt that feeling like I may have to bolt for the bathroom, which is conveniently across the hall from my office.  I’m not complaining, I got sent home.  Better to get better than to spread my germs around.  As it was, as soon as I got home, I actually felt worse.  I changed into pajamas, wrapped up in my bathrobe, and settled in to watch tv while wrapped in a blanket.  I even mixed up a “cure all” and had a drink.  Actually, it was mostly alcohol and coffee, not really a cure all.  While in my position on the coach, I faded away into dream land.  Upon waking, I looked out the window and…

That’s a lotta snow.  Fortunately, I could roll over and go back to sleep, with the unspoken question of “what the fuck is that white shit” never leaving my lips.  Today, however, it reminds me of Octobers long past.  There’s a common joke in Saskatchewan.  Every kid knows that before going trick or treating, they have to make sure to get a costume together to fit over a snow suit.  So there were a lot of abominable snowman costumes.  The Hulk was also a go to one, because a snow suit could simulate massive muscles, and kudos to the kid who had a green one.

We’ve had it pretty lucky in this part of the world, as the past few years we’ve escaped with only a small skiff of snow and clear again by the time Halloween rolls around.  This year, however, I think it’s here to stay.  Admittedly, the snow was wet and heavy,m which means we might see it go away pretty fast.  It did, however, bring back a flood of memories, and one bad old joke about costumes and snow suits.

For now, I’ve got an hour before work is over.  And then I head home and partake in some more of my cure all, a tasty mixture of a shot of Bailey’s, a shot of Captain Morgan’s Spiced Rum, a shot of International Delight Irish Cream, two tea spoons of brown sugar, and the equivalent of ten shots of coffee.  All mixed together and gives a nice feeling during a time of year like this.

Yes, I know, not a ghost story, but it did bring about ghosts of memories.

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