23 Oct

Remember the Reverend who opened up individual speeches in Springfield City Council regarding the inclusion of LGBTQ in a proposed equality bylaw? Remember how you might have been steaming with anger at first? Until that surprise ending. The one where he completely turned the tables admitting he used a speech from over 50 years ago regarding anti-racial integration? And just changed race for homosexual/gay/lesbian? And how he became awesome?
Yeah, that’s this guy.

phil snider

**UPDATED (10/22/12, 2:17pm)**

As you can imagine, all of this has caught me off-guard. But please know how much I continue to appreciate all of your kind words of affirmation and support. I continue to try to keep up with as many responses and requests as I can, and I greatly appreciate your patience. I promise to try to get to as many as I possibly can. Here are a couple of quick notes related to several recurring themes:

(1) If you have an interview request, please send it by email, as opposed to the phone.

(2) I’m not going to take the time to engage in a game of Bible proof-texting with those who disagree with me on this matter, but just so you know I take the Bible very seriously (if not always literally), interested readers are welcome to check out a sermon series I preached back in…

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