Writing: A long plan ahead

02 Nov

The first book of Black Mask & Pale Rider was all the adventures of the two elven gunslingers in one long form story.

This time, however, it’s going to get longer.  This is how I’ve planned it.

Black Mask & Pale Rider: A Tale of Six Gun & Sorcery

The tale of how Shani and Pania encountered this world in 1863 and how they became the feared gunslingers Black Mask & Pale Rider.

Black Mask & Pale Rider: Road to Perdition

After joining forces, the two gunslingers encounter an old Pennsylvania Dutch community plagued by a vampire nest.  But this nest has a connection to the two elves.  Assisted by Deter Van Buren, the three go on the hunt for the vampire mistress.

Black Mask & Pale Rider: The Ghost Rider

In Franklin, West Virginia, Shani and Pania find the town has encountered an elf before, one who lived his last days in the town.  That elf, and the sudden appearance of Shani and Pania in Franklin, draws a formidable opponent.  They receive help from Marshal Martin Derringer, who has a dark secret of his own.

Black Mask & Pale Rider: Don’t Let the Hag Ride Ya

Shani and Pania end up staying over in a small town near Charlotte, South Carolina.  The town’s residents are plagued by something akin to a vampire, but much worse.

Black Mask & Pale Rider: High Noon

No magic or great evil, save for a rich cattleman who delights in his own brand of justice.  Shani and Pania meet up with Johnathon Caleb Walker and the mysterious Chinese immigrant Ming and help them take down Dorval.

Black Mask & Pale Rider: The Dead Will Walk

Arriving in Shreveport, Louisiana, Shani makes the snap decision to buy a slave in order to give him his freedom.  It turns out Ezekiel Morgan is a helping hand when Shani and Pania have to deal with plantation owner Jeremiah Kingston the Third.

Black Mask & Pale Rider: Rise of the Lich King

While Shani and Pania have been making their way across the States, they’ve been watched from afar.  A bounty is put on their heads, and the first to try and claim it is an old gunhand who found a way to cheat death.  In Bloomington, Indiana, Shani and Pania meet up again with Aurela Dorchester and Slowhand Johnson.

Black Mask & Pale Rider: Long Train A Comin’

Taking place entirely on a train as it travels from Gary, Indiana to Thief River Falls, Minnesota, Shani and Pania meet up with the Reverend Carter Stewart.  The three soon find out that the vampire they met earlier in Pennsylvania doesn’t die easily.

Black Mask & Pale Rider: Aces & Eights

Shani and Pania take a back seat in this tale, with their only showing coming in a vicious gun fight with Captain Samuel Williams who has been chasing after them.  It’s feared Shani and Pania are dead, and Carter Stewart joins forces with Slowhand, Aurela, Derringer, Walker, Cassidy del Ray, Ming, van Buren and Morgan in order to find out what happened to them.  It’s much more than they bargained for.

Black Mask & Pale Rider: Eternity

Pania, injured from the gun battle by a demon spawn, is dragged to safety by Shani.  But the lanky gunslinger can’t do much until they are found by hunters from Whitecap’s Dakota tribe not far away.


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