Writing: Pania Alow’s influences

05 Nov

Yesterday, it was Shani I posted the influences of.  Today it’s Pania Alow.

Pania Alow also has a lot of influences, but not in the same aspect as Shani does.

Pania is adventurous, a tad odd and will often spout long soliloquies without warning (much to the chagrin of Shani).  And Jack Sparrow (sorry, “Captain” Jack Sparrow) fits the bill.  Johnny Depp’s portrayal of Sparrow pretty much fit the bill for what Pania’s attitude is like.

Granted, she’s got a bit better hygiene.

This isn’t so much an influence of Pania’s attitude, but a sample of her fighting style.  To pick one would be an injustice to the other.  Because Pania is a sword singer, and she has studied the bladed arts for years.  Much like Westley and Inigo Montoya in The Princess Bride.

Black Mask & Pale Rider is a western at it’s core, but there’s room for a duelist the likes of Pania Alow in the story.

The last influence for Pania Alow.

And no, it’s not Hugh Jackman as Van Helsing.  This is where I suddenly began seeing Kate Beckinsale as Pania Alow.

Beckingsale plays Anna, the last of a noble house who is plagued by Dracula’s curse.  She is fighting to end that curse.  Which is a quality Pania holds.  She doesn’t back down unless everything is lost.


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