Now that the Presidential Election is over…

08 Nov

It’s been a hellish week or two.

NaNoWriMo started last week, which was great because I decided in the month of October to participate this year.  I hadn’t been feeling very good with regard to my writing over the past two months, but as October came and went, I began to feel a lot better.  In September, I had all but convinced myself that all these plans I had to rewrite and expand Black Mask & Pale Rider were some grand illusion, and I was only kidding myself.  As it turned out, it’s not so much an illusion as being emotionally drained.  I hit a real rough spot in my life and there were a lot of times I thought about saying fuck it to my writing and move on and find something else.

Fortunately, October came around.

But since last week, it’s been incredibly busy.  A Remembrance Day issue that was put together far faster than we’ve ever done before.  A job order from the local senior hockey team for programs which we usually design, layout and print.  And then there was the fact that for two days last week, our general manager was in the hospital (he’s okay now), but that ended up doubling my work load, and I feared any writing would suffer dramatically.

Fortunately, the weekend hit, and I got over 12,000 words written.  As of today, my total is a little over 15,000, and I’m hoping to hit around 18 or 19K by the end of today.  And, I’m hoping to hit 25K by this weekend, which will put me well ahead of the game, especially if I can come up with another 11K weekend like I did.

I’m also glad that a lot of the pressure of the past week is gone.  The hockey program is done, the Remembrance Day issue is done, and our general manager is out of the hospital.  Here’s hoping the rest of the month goes smoothly, and here’s hoping that I can finish this first rewrite.

All I really did was remind myself of something I said when I was writing a cheesy little fanfiction back in 1997.  Just keep writing, whatever pops into your head, write it down.

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