Writing: every weapon needs a name

13 Nov

After a crappy weekend, where I spent most of it wrapped in a blanket and sneezing, I managed to pound out several words this morning in my push to 50,000 for November.  I’m still in a good way to make it, but if I falter, I could find myself coming up short.  Later this evening, I’ll have to put in an extra push.

As is common with most fantasy worlds, they have epic weapons with unique names.  King Arthur had Excalibur.  Drizzt Do’Urden had the Icingdeath & Twinkle Scimitar Swords.  The names of weapons will be no different in Black Mask and Pale Rider.  Pania will even have a rapier dubbed the Skaald’s Blade Song.  And, soon she’ll have a pair of pistols dubbed the Skaald’s Twin Volcanics.  One will be named Gaia, and the other will be named The Green.  The names will become important and explained in the story.  Eventually, even Shani’s pistols will get a name, and the name of her short blades will be revealed.

Names are important, as it’s been said before by someone other than me.  Names give things power, in a way.  And weapons do have power.  Depending upon the hands that wield them that power can be incredibly honourable or incredibly terrible.  I’ll try to put that on display in this story, and the coming stories surrounding the pair of elven gunslingers.  But for now, suffice it to say that the adventures are coming along.  Pania’s weapons have been named, and soon, Pania will get her moniker to add to her legend in the story of Black Mask and Pale Rider.

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