Writing: Rocket Fox and Gerring and Pitts

21 Nov

I’m sure that in the coming chapter of Rocket Fox there is going to be a huge parallel drawn from two of my characters, General Natalie Gerring and Colonel Reginald Pitts.  This will be completely and totally on purpose.

That parallel is that the general and colonel are based on Captain Kathrine Janeway and Lt. Commander Tuvok.

When I made the characters of Gerring and Pitts almost a year ago, they were never meant to be main characters, and they still aren’t as I come closer to the midway point of the first Rocket Fox adventure.  They are, however, meant to be very important characters that help out the main characters of Senia Felix, Hardy Maynard, Clarfax Billings and Aria Sharpspear.  As I was writing them, however, I began imagining their personalities, and came to realize that they weren’t much different than Janeway and Tuvok and how those two interact with each other.

That is going to be evident in Chapter 11 when the pair are introduced for the first time.  Gerring is a very passionate but pragmatic individual who grew up in a region of the Kanata interior that would either make or break any Vulpinian.  While Pitts grew up in a more moderate area in the southern hemisphere of Vulpinia Prime, he did manage to learn to use logic as his guide.  The two first met on the battlefield when Gerring was only a captain with the 102nd Infantry Division when they were deployed to Lupinia during the Great Lupine Land War.  Pitts became Gerring’s go to for information and often council.  He remained that way well after the war, becoming Gerring’s attache when she took command of Starbase Omega One.

During this first story, Gerring and Pitts are going to get to know Felix, and Felix is going to get to know those two.  And (SPOILER) eventually Gerring is going to become Felix’s commanding officer once she graduates and takes up her placement.

All of that to come in time.


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