A good reminder about writing

28 Nov

This quote isn’t necessarily about writing, but it does relate.  It’s from Henry Rollins, who many may recognize as the front man for the punk band Black Flag.

Henry Rollins

How do you show that you like your fans? You don’t ding’em for money every possible chance you get. You make CD’s long and add a lot of cool bonus cuts. You don’t charge $50 for a t-shirt. When kids download your stuff for free off of the… internet and tell you about it, you don’t get mad at them. My parting line is ” I’D RATHER BE HEARD THAN PAID.” Am I going to come after you like Lars Ulrich, demanding my 35 cents, nah man. If you can’t afford to listen to my music and you gotta get it off the internet, at least you’re rockin’. ~Henry Rollins

This is a philosophy I’m using with my writing.  Yeah, I’ll get my stuff published and people will buy it, but I also have it available in different electronic formats so if people download it and read it, then I guess I’ve done my job.

The only payment I want is that people mention they’ve read it, that’s all.  Download it or buy, I don’t care.  Just read it and enjoy it.

Do the same in return.

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One response to “A good reminder about writing

  1. Erik Christian

    November 28, 2012 at 10:57 am

    Rollins is a Nuclear Badass!


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