Writing: Sitting at 32K Words

28 Nov

With three days left in the month of November, I have hit the 32,000 word mark.  Well back of where I had hoped to be, and astonishingly, while this started with Black Mask & Pale Rider (for which I wrote 19,000 words) I switched it up and went back to Rocket Fox (which I wrote 13,000 words).

Right now, I’m hoping to hit 40,000 words for the month, which will be decent enough.  I’ve also listened to a few people who made some suggestions for when the book is complete.  This is a completely different world, if not universe, than what has been written before.  Vulpinia Prime makes mention of several locations, so I’m going to make several maps and add those to the end of the book.  I’ll also have a glossary of terms, which include slang, place names, vessels and the like.

I’m hoping I can complete the first book by the middle of December and have a draft copy to go over and make any editing notes, then begin a rewrite in January and February.  For some reason, I always find the rewrites easier because I just have small things to add here and there, change up or remove.  It’s also harder, because I often have things that must be removed.  Then of course, there’s always continuity issues.  Once the rewrite is complete, I’ll set the book aside for a bit, set up the plot line for book two, then come back to book one and make any further changes.

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