Writing: Changes galore

01 Dec

RVAF Nighthawk

I have made a few changes to some things in the Rocket Fox story.  Some will have to come with second draft edits, others are coming in the story.  The Nighthawk is a small escort cruiser, and will have a crew compliment of 50.  For now, this is the crew membership, starting with the highest ranking officers and moving down the ranks.  Senia is in command of the vessel, Aria will be her first officer, Hardy in charge of engineering, Clarfax will be in charge of stellar cartography, and the latest character to become more than a background fixture is Mia Talon, who was revealed earlier in the book to be Senia’s flat mate in the House Ocelot barracks.

They will pick up new members from outside Chattingham at the direction of General Gerring, from the nation of Prycelon.  Prycelon, as it will be explained, is an island nation, large in size, that keeps mostly to themselves.  The people of this nation are neither Vulpine or Felanus.  They are Prycelons, or as we might recognize them, humanoid raccoons.  The doctor and his four nurses will all come from that nation, as will the cook.  Because every ship needs a galley, and a good cook to fit in with it.

I’m toying with a running joke in the book, but I’m not sure about it.  Having Senia call the Nighthawk “my ship” once they are underway, Hardy calling the engineering section “my engine room”, the doctor calling sick bay “my medical bay”, and the cook calling the galley “my kitchen”.  I’m thinking of having it amuse some of the crew members as they undertake missions.

I’m hoping to have the layout and design of the new Nighthawk all sketched out soon, along with the Mavrick Mk XII fighter craft that will be in the Nighthawk’s hangar bays.  Eight in total, which means I’ll need four more pilots on that list above.  Which will come in time, because the Nighthawk has a crew compliment of 50, but currently has a crew of 30.  The Mavrick Mk XII will also be getting a nickname.  The pilots will end up calling them Mini Hawks.


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