Writing: The Introduction of the Nighthawk

04 Dec


It’s not very far away now.

The new Nighthawk in Rocket Fox will be unveiled, and oh the changes that ship has undergone.  Originally, the ship itself was a single attack fighter that could separate into three individual fighter craft.  But, as I introduced characters and rethought the story itself, I realized that these shouldn’t be just simple fighter craft.  Oh, there will still be fighter craft involved, but they’ll be contained in the hangar bay of the new Nighthawk, which is much bigger, faster and more powerful than a mere fighter craft.

Oh, she’ll get her dings and dents in this first story.  But she’ll also have a crew much bigger than three.  She’ll eventually have fifty crew members.  By the end of this story, she’ll have thirty, which will include many of those already introduced.  Sadly, such characters as Claudia Whitefur, Robert Quickfoot and Gilbert Shortclaw will not join the crew.  Nor will Jada Hawkspur.  But Corporal Sparks, Corporal Talon, Corporal Ridgewell, Private Sharpspear, and a few others will be joining the crew of the Nighthawk.  So Senia, Hardy and Clarfax won’t be alone.  It’ll start with those three, but go from there.

The ship will also be making a stop, and revealing a new nation state along the way as they pick up doctor and nurses and a cook for the galley.  All told with just this first story alone, there are over 45,000 words.  And it’s only halfway done.  I know that I’ll have a few edits and changes to make to the second draft, but I feel it’ll be worth it.

Besides, I owe it to my 12 year old self for starting all of this.

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